Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Things

I guess you only get to register the first time, huh? ;) Still, it is nice to keep a little list for myself - and they have come out with so many more cute things in the last 2 years!!

I made my first Dr appointment and it isn't for another 2 weeks. Here, they see you at 8 weeks and do an U/S. That is fine, but it means 2 more weeks of wondering how far along I am and worrying about whether everything is ok in there. I told one of my bfs since we are kinda pregnancy buddies (and I have ot have SOMEone to talk to). I am waiting until after the dr to tell our parents.. and probably 12 weeks for everyone else. I am just a kind of cautious person in that way.

Some things I am thinking about for baby #2

Uppa Baby has a rumble seat! This is so cool, I just strap it onto our Vista and viola - instant double stroller! It also fits with the car seat in the adapter (which we have) and clicks back off if you want to back to a single!

Where will baby sleep?
I am thinking of a rocking bassinet holder, in which I will put the Uppa Baby Bassinet. I can't imagine I will use it in the stroller much around here. I am guessing we will be using the car seat more since we now drive everywhere. I better watch out for flat head this time around! This was NOT a concern in NYC.

Otherwise, nothing to report. No morning sickness - yet - pleassssse not this time! Tired, but DH has been out of town so that is exhausting anyway. Bloated, so bought 4 new pairs of "yoga" pants AKA "stretchy wear-24-hours-a-day-and try to look like I have been working out not just wearing my pajamas" pants. Slowly making the switch to decaff. Not easy, but DH brought me some AMAZING Blue Bottle coffee (in decaff) back from NYC so that should ease the pain.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Motherhood is so en vogue these days..

Model-of-moment Arizona Muse with her son in this month's Vogue.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

So....Yeah.. :)

This is kind of unexpected. I mean, we have been talking about it a lot and I have been stressing about it a lot. (e.g. When? Will I be too old? Will I still have time to have 3? But where will we be?? Blah blah blah)
DH is thrilled and I am honestly still a little in shock. But so very excited. I cannot remember for my life when I had my period last month. I know it was somewhere between the 10th- the 25th... The holidaze, right!? So I am 4-6 weeks? Another September baby!!
I have a feeling I am going to be blogging a LOT more again. So many details to obsess over, new products to research, and conversations with family members/strangers/myself to be emotional about. :)