Sunday, February 22, 2009

11 Weeks!

I am 11 weeks today, I am so excited to get out of the 1st tri and start telling people. It is getting SO awkward. I am feeling better, but still exhausted and throwing up just once or twice a day. I feel good in the AM, then it all goes downhill.
Not to mention, our heater broke! We have central air and it has died and we couldn't find anyone to come look at it. Finally we got in touch with someone who will come first thing Monday morning. Meanwhile we have been huddled around a tiny space heater all week which doesn't do much in our apartment with 3 exposures of floor to ceiling windows, no separate rooms, and 15 foot ceilings. The poor dog babies are freezing and so mad at us.
I skipped Yoga this week, I am going to wait for Yoga women to give birth and then try again with another teacher.
I have to admit, I am getting pretty depressed. I am so happy to be pregnant, but the last two months have been so awful and I feel like winter is never going to end. My two best friends are on the West Coast and I keep putting off my few other friends because all they want to do is go get drinks and get trashed. The economy is so depressing and we are pretty much in a spending freeze until the middle of March. DH is wonderful, but he has a big thing coming up that he has been working on NON STOP for months. We eat together and that's pretty much it. He is working all day and all night (from home) while I creep around and try not to distract him.
OK, The pity party is now over. I feel better getting it all out. :) I am sure I will feel better when the heat is fixed and Spring is right around the corner. Our Tennessee trip is just a few weeks away and the In Laws will take me shopping and out to delicious meals. We can relax alone in front of the fire and see old friends an just be out of NYC for awhile.
We sold our treadmill yesterday to make room for the baby crib! We thought we should go ahead and sell it now while it is cold. Now we have a corner to start putting baby things in!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

10 weeks, Yoga and Valentine's

And I am feeling much better, which of course is making me super nervous. I can't wait for my next appointment, but it is still 2 weeks away so I am just trying to be calm and positive.
Yesterday I had my second pre natal yoga class, which was pretty disappointing. Last week was a sub, and this week the regular teacher was back. She is basically what I was afraid of when I first signed up for the class. She is 31 weeks pregnant and just a perfect glowing pregnant yoga woman. She was very nice, but the class was more Yoga with some modifications for pregnancy, where last week was more based around birth preparation and pregnancy stretches intermixed with some meditation and yoga poses. This woman had us in my worst nightmare position, downward dog, forever. My arms are so weak so I was shaking and having my head down was making me SO nauseous. Then we were supposed to hold each leg up forever on each side. What a nightmare. I had to sit it out and just do cat pose because I told her I was going to throw up. I am also the least pregnant in the class so I felt like a total loser. She also kept making comments on how I am so tall and thin like her so I should put my foot farther forward, blah blah blah. To be honest, I LOOK like I would be really in shape and really good at yoga but I am just not. I am weak and not flexible at all, and I feel like she was being a little competitive with me or something. Last week I woke up totally sore from all the new stretches and feeling awesome, this week I can barely move from back pain and my muscles are not sore at all. Oh well, I guess she will give birth in a few months and maybe we will get the other teacher back.
In the afternoon DH and I got in a fight because I got him the wrong kind of bread at the grocery store. He gets the same kind every single week and couldn't believe I didn't know which one it was. I guess I wasn't really paying attention, which annoyed him because I am so crazy about what I eat and what brands, etc. He has a point, but I have pregnant brain and am not responsible for anything I do or say anymore. Just kidding.
For Valentine's we went to this amazing restaurant in our neighborhood where we went last year as well. It was so delicious and romantic. My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is the special Prix Fix menus they have. The chefs get to come up with all this stuff they are so excited about that is too complicated or too hard to find to have on the regular menu. YUM! We had an amazing fried artichoke taster, delicious goose liver pate creme brulee (I know I am not supposed to have pate, but this was made fresh), goat cheese and beet salad (I know), duck with beets and mashed potatoes, filet minon with the best creamed spinach ever, and yummy desserts. I had a glass of wine that I just took a few sips of and DH really drank, but it made me feel good to have my own glass even though I wasn't really drinking it. DH said it was his best Valentine's Day ever. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My new best friend

Greens + Natural Energy bar.

DH is worried that I am looking too thin, except for my belly which is totally sticking out. I don't have a scale, but he keeps saying my face and arms look too skinny. Hmm. When I was little I was super skinny, so my mom made me eat Tiger's Milk protein calorie bars at school, so I decided to pick up some of the Greens.

I have always liked these bars, they have a lot of protein, organic ingredients, they are cold pressed (?) and no creepy sugars or energy herbs like Guarana or anything. They are really filling and chewy and great to keep in my handbag if I am out and about (which rarely happens, but I was out all day yesterday on meetings). I also like to have a few bites first thing in the morning when I feel ill, before I can figure out what to eat. I think the protein is a good idea as well since a lot of my days have been a a nutrient disaster - grits, mac and cheese, crackers, plain pasta.

I must say, I am feeling SO much better than I was. Still ill enough to know something is going on in there, but now able to actually get out of bed and be more of a normal human being. Yay!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I found some gorgeous cribs looking around online yesterday. These are the first few that I have really liked I think. I want something unisex, but sturdy and beautiful so we can use it with future children. The crib will be in our room (open loft style apartment) which is decorated in shabby chic white , cottage, and some Asian antiques, so I think a white crib would be best. These may be too over the top, but the ones on BRU all have these unsightly nuts and bolts showing which look so awful on a white traditional crib. I know that, in order to have a moving rail (which is a must) some mechanics must be involved, but I wish they could make the screws less obvious!
We seem to be pretty much out of food again and I am starving, already throwing up. How I wish a bagel and cream cheese from the coffee shop down the street would magically appear...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

9 weeks!

This week really flew by for some reason! I guess I will probably keep saying that as time moves on and things speed along. I had my first Pre Natal yoga class yesterday morning which was really great. I wasn't honestly THAT excited about it because I am not that great at Yoga and I was thinking it was going to be regular Yoga, just modified to exclude things one shouldn't do when pregnant. I also had this fear that I would show up and everyone would be these amazing glowing zen NY yoga women with big bumps, doing headstands and I would look totally pathetic, not showing and still totally unable to any positions. But it was amazing! The entire Pre Natal yoga is actually completely designed to help get your body ready for birth by learning to open up the pelvis and gain flexibility and calmness and reduce the fear and pain of labor. The girls there ranged from 9 weeks to 32 weeks and were all so sweet. Even though I was the least far along by a few weeks, everyone was very sympathetic to my awful MS. No one else I have met so far seems to have it as bad as me. Oh well, at least I know the little blob is Ok in there so far. Nothing in the class was TOO strenuous, but I came home and pretty much slept for the entire afternoon! That is so weird for me, because I never ever nap! And I am SO SORE today! I woke up to pee and freaked out because I could barely move, then I remembered why.

The nausea has gotten a little better, but is very much still there. I only throw up once or twice a day now, as opposed to ALL Day and I have a little more energy for helping with cooking and cleaning. We did our shopping at Trader Joe's this week so we could get a bunch of pre-made easy things that DH can cook. We got organic pre-made burritos, Pizza, Chinese food, Thai, Stir Fry. I usually like to make everything from scratch, but this has been an emergency situation lately. It's still really hard to find things I want to eat and I just feel worse and worse and everything sounds awful and I just have to eat something. Yesterday I got the craziest craving for Egg Salad, which I have never made and really don't even like! It took forever to boil the eggs and cool them off, I was feeling like such crap but I just had to have it! That was delicious, but today is sounds gross again. The pickle craving has not returned either.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

8 weeks! 1st Belly Pic

I am 8 weeks today which is starting to sound substantial, so I decided to start my belly pics. I have never had the flattest stomach but still, all that cramping must have been stretching things out because I do see a little something different. Maybe just bloat, maybe the oatmeal I just ate. Either way, my jeans are so uncomfortable now. All I can wear are my stretchy Seven cords and my Yoga Pants (see pic).