Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby-Led Weaning ;-)

Haha, I am still making delicious purees as well, but Smooshie LOVES to eat things with his own hands. Banana, strawberries, pieces of squash and sweet potato, big hunks of crusty bread.. Luckily the farmers market is open so at least he is eating big hunks of locally made multigrain loaf with no preservatives! Also, the strawberries are in season!! Super exciting since they are one of the fruits that absorb the most pesticides so it is super important to buy organic.
Smoosh is LOVING his Leapfrog musical groove table thing - and now he pushes it around the apartment. I think it is time for one of those push toys! He is "cruising" and holding on to the wall with one hand...
We go away next week - St.Thomas again yay- he is going to be a handful!

Monday, May 17, 2010

More design Inspiration

With Mr.Man on the move, we are confronted with how horrible our wall of Ikea shelves are. He can pull everything down off the first 2 shelves so DVDs and books are up on the table. his travel crib is blocking the record collection. I won't even start on our bedroom which is too small for the shelving we had now that we converted the apartment into 2 bedrooms.

These are from NY Mag's design issue. This look is called Neo-Rustic I think? While I don't love everything in the rooms (not so much the modern chairs or the weird art over the mantle- I think we would put a flat screen), I LOVE the shelving and it would work perrrfectly here.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


They sent me a few shots from the thing I modeled for on Mother's Day... I highly suggest that all new mothers get some really nice photos taken at some point. Proof that you didn't ALWAYS wear sweatpants, a pony tail, have spit-up on you, and have your belly pooching out. Even if you really did ;-)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day First Tooth

After months and MONTHS of drooling, gnawing, and "he must be teething" excuses, Smoosh FINALLY cut his first tooth on Sunday! He had been up a few times shrieking so I could tell something was a little different, and there it was, his first little fang.

Some husbands seem to take this holiday as an opportunity to get something for their wives once they become a mother, but I will just wait for my first drawing or macaroni necklace from my sweet child himself. Not that I would have turned down a gift, but since we like to decide on all purchases together, it didn't really seem like a top priority.

Smooshie and I had quite a nice day together on a photo shoot that I was actually modeling in, not photographing! It has been AWHILE since I have been in front of the camera and it was fun getting my hair and make up done and lounging around drinking chardonnay instead of freaking out, metering, etc. Smoosh hung out in his travel crib and had a grand time being fawned over by the models. Then after bedtime routine, DH made a lovely candlelight dinner for us.

Monday I had to work, an all-day fashion shoot in the city so DH took Smoosh for the whole day. The first and last time we did this it didn't go well, but this time went perfectly. They had a great day hanging out, for a run at the park. He didn't take a bottle all day, just ate some food I made for him and LOTS of Puffs! I think he may be 99% Puff.

Yesterday we had a check-up, I guess it was his 8 month? He will be 8 months in a few days! He is doing great - in the 95th % for height and 75th for weight. Not as chubby as I thought haha.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Search for the Elusive White Baby Tee

I just don't understand why this is SO difficult to find. All I want are some white short sleeved kimono tees in a size 9 or 12 months. Organic would be nice, but I will settle for any cotton. I will even settle for plain tees, no side snap! WHY is it so hard to believe that I don't want my baby to look like a rainbow every day, or to be branded with a truck, dog, monkey or train every day of his little life?!

Maybe I am starting to loose it, but if anyone is out there and has any leads, I would appreciate it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The best baby

JT9X0101 1

I always say this when he is asleep, but he really is the best baby. ;) Here he is eating his sock (clearly a genius!). Maybe I should have wiped the food off his face before I took this?

It's 8 AM and Mr.Man is back asleep (nursed at 5:30) but I stayed up to get some solo work done.

Music class starts back today, and we might go to a Beatles sing-a-long!

I made my home made yogurt, and the home mad granola is in the oven baking.. Things are good. :)