Thursday, July 30, 2009

101st Post!

Wow, I can't believe I have made 100 posts on this blog... well, maybe I can. I was always WAY into keeping a journal, I kept one from about age 12 until I met my college boyfriend.. Then I think I picked it back up again when I was living at home in my 20s. They are so embarrassing and I may destroy them so my kids don't read them some day, but they were really therapeutic at the time. As is this blog.

Sometimes I think I may print this out and give it to Mason one day, but maybe not. I don't want to edit myself for my future child. I just need to be able to say what I want to say.

For instance, DH was very mean the other night. We have been getting Ben & Jerry's ice cream pretty much every day. DH has been sick, so we have been enabling each other and maybe it has gotten a little out of control. So Tuesday I went to Yoga which was a really hard workout actually, came home and cooked dinner, and got a craving for ice cream (surprise surprise). Well, DH for once didn't want any ice cream so I said I did and would just go get it. Then he got into this whole thing where he suddenly thinks we have been having it too often AND said that my arms have been getting fatter the last few days (oh no he did not!!) Well, I went and got it anyway, knowing he was just being a grump and would feel bad about it later. He did feel bad about it later, but not before he said that my dresser was a mess, my clothes are everywhere AND he is frustrated because I am so big that sex is getting really difficult. He apologized all night after and all day yesterday, saying he was possessed. He has never said anything other than how amazing I look before, so I knew he was just having some kind of issue. What can I do, stay mad? No.

My self esteem must not be too destroyed, because I started researching maternity photographers last night. I couldn't find anyone I liked searching google (except one amazing women who charges $5000, hey this is NYC) so I posted on the neighborhood list serve and got some great recommendations and options. I have been on the fence about getting them done. I don't love being in front of the camera. I actually majored in photography in college so I am always the one taking the pics. The problem with that is there are never any photos of me. DH takes the worst photos and I would like a some memento, a decent representation of what I looked like during my first (hopefully) pregnancy - I am not getting any younger here. :)

Our changer/dresser came yesterday and DH had it all set up for me when I got home from my meetings. It looks great. I took all the baby things we have so far out of their shopping bags and put them in the drawers. They are so adorable!

We ordered the DVD "Happiest Baby On the Block" on the recommendation of some new moms and we watched that yesterday as well. I would say it was worth the $10 to learn about the 5 "s" s and how to calm the baby. Whether we can make it work remains to be seen. DH was transfixed and memorized the swaddling technique. One great thing they mentioned is that dads can be as good or better at calming the baby, so it really gives them a great way to be involved and soothe the baby in his own way, since he can't nurse.

We also got our bathtub re-glazed, another thing done off the check list! The tub was peeling and just not sanitary for baths, for me or baby when he gets a little older. Now it looks like a brand new tub - yay! We did have to go shower at the yoga studio (nice big steam shower, fun!) because we didn't realize we wouldn't be able to shower for 24 hours while it dries, then another 24 hours for the caulk to dry.

Alright, what's next? The countdown is on...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

33 weeks!

Lord, the baby is moving SO much lately. I am kind of worried that he is going to be a really crazy child. Eek.

Anyway, we picked up the mattress yesterday, but I will spare you a photo of the crib looking exactly identical except with the sheet on. We also ordered the changer/dresser and it should be here sometime in the next week- Yay! Something to put things in! The shopping bags in the corner of the room are getting old.

Today I THINK we are going over to our friends' house for a pool party. They live in a house out a little farther in Brooklyn and their landlords are out of town and invited them to use the pool while they are gone. I would LOVE to float around for awhile, even though I am going to look like Shamu or some kind of other sea mammal show in that little above ground pool. Oh well. I am desperate.

Here are my sweet dogbabies, fresh from the groomer with their summer cuts.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Our shopping trip out to Long Island yesterday was great. It is so fun to actually be able to park (not running back to fill the meter every 5 seconds or terrified that the we misread the sign and will end up with a $100 parking ticket). First stop, Century 21, my favorite. Known as "New York's Best Kept Secret", Century 21 is a department store of dicount designer clothes. Kind of a bigger Loeman's but with Prada, Gucci and Marc Jacobs. There is one down by the financial district, right at ground zero actually, but I have pretty much been avoiding that location since 9/11 (PTSD, I lived 1 block away when it happened). O had high hopes for the Brooklyn location, but they don't carry as many of the high end designers plus it is small and the parking isn't even free. THEN I discovered the Long Island location. As long as you can wade through the extra inventory of Juicy Couture (this is LI after all, they know their market), this place can be a gold mine.

I didn't go crazy, just three baby items, but for me it is all about the hunt - quality over quantity. First, and adorable organic tie dyed onesie, the softest record player onesie (from Kids Ink - marked down from $34 to $4.19) and this precious sweater by Cakewalk (marked down from $74 to $18 - SCORE).

They had a great Le Sportsac diaper bag, but DH though it was too girly and he wouldn't carry it so we will just go with a black Skip Hop. I refuse to have 2 diaper bags, that sounds SO confusing and unnecessary. The baby is never going to be in 2 places at once, why would anyone need or want 2 bags to keep track of?

I also found a great nightgown that will work really well for breast feeding. I can't take a pic because I am wearing it already. I was starting to look like a stuffed sausage in my regular short nighties. This one is black, to the knees, and opens at the top, a little cotton lace brocade. It is just sexy enough to not feel like asexual pajama-mom, but still OK to wear at the hospital or in front of family.

After a few hours at Century (they even have a man lounge for DH), we went on to the conveniently located giant Buy Buy Baby right down the street and used our 20% coupon to buy the car seat. We ended up going with the Chicco KeyFit, on the advice of our super helpful assistant when we registered. Not as expensive as the Peg Perego, but seems less plastic-y and is a little more expensive than the Graco. We also love the green, it matches the Uppa. :)

When we got home we messed with it a little bit and tried installing it, sort of. Wow, very confusing. I see why it is suggested that you get it in there early. However, DH is going to be using the car for the band a bunch of times before we have the baby, so we can't leave it in there. Looks like we are going to have to become pretty good at installing the base, since the whole car seat will have to be in and out a lot. Hmm.. I am starting to think that a separate van for the band to use might not be such a bad idea.

Today we are going to pick up our CSA, then over to the local baby store to get the mattress and look at dresser/changers. I wouldn't be surprised if Visa calls and thinks my card is stolen after all the stuff we have bought this week!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Homemade Yogurt and Granola!

I am so excited. I LOVE yogurt, and I eat it for breakfast every morning with some fruit and my home made granola. Yesterday I went by this new kitchen shop and I saw this amazing Yogurt maker! My grandmother had one of these, some contraption from the 50s or 60s, when I was growing up and I think that's why I have this love of yogurt. She also had a very 60s sprout grower which I have fond memories of!

Anyway, I have never seen a yogurt maker until yesterday, so I just had to get it. I spend a fortune on delicious Ronneybrook (local farm) yogurt every week, and now I will be able to just buy their milk and make the yogurt myself! I am thinking this will pay for itself in a few months. :)

All you do it pour a quart of milk into a saucepan and heat it up, put in the thermometer until it is the right temperature, stir in a little starter yogurt (saved from the last batch) and pour it into the individual containers. Then you turn that on for about 10 hours. When it is done, chill the yogurt in the fridge. It keeps for about a week and a half.

The only problem was that I excitedly started my yogurt in the late afternoon, so DH had to wake up and put it in the fridge for me at 3 AM.. oops. I will time that out better from now on!

Here is my granola recipe:

Home Made granola

I large box of Quaker Oats
Pour in some vegetable oil
Mix in some honey, to taste
Add flax seeds, almonds, hemp seeds, anything really, and some vanilla extract
Heat over to 250
Pour granola into a shallow dish or however many you need and bake for 2 hours, stirring it around every 30 minutes.

Yum! I store mine in a big glass jar.

I am so excited, we are finally going baby shopping today. Going to head out to Long Island to Buy Buy Baby (avoiding the MAnhattan location) and get the carseat before our coupon expires!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nursery Progress!

At least it is something, but it does look a little strange because we don't have the mattress yet. The crib is so beautiful, and it is crazy getting used to having it in the room. We can't believe we are going to have our little guy in there in less than 2 months!

Next step, figure out the rest of the nursery. Now the crib is in here I have realized that the Ikea system #1 will not fit, and #2 is going to look really crappy next to this nice crib. SO... Arginton does make a changing table that fits perfectly with the crib, but #1 it is $800 and #2 do I want to pay $800 for a modern changing table? It's not really my style, but it would look sooo nice. We are going to go check them out again when we pick up the mattress.

Here it is..

I have been in the best mood because we got our tax return check which I wasn't expecting so soon (that's a first). Yesterday I went to Prenatal Yoga for the first time in forEVER. Then this morning I put on my workout clothes and walked to the post office, came home and showered, then went back out and got a badly needed pedicure. We were going to do errands in the city, but poor DH is still sick so I had him drop me off in Soho (too hot for the train today) and I did errands, a little shopping, and had my doctor's appointment. Everyone I see has been telling me how huge I am and how big the baby is going to be so I was looking forward to getting measured and weighed today. I am measuring just a few days ahead, but not a big deal. I also don't seem to have gained weight since last time. I was seriously afraid that I was going to be over 150 lbs today, but I am still just under (barely). I even had time to go get my FAVORITE watermelon juice from Cafe Gitane and DH picked me back up and brought me home. Such a nice day, but now I am about to pass out.

I just ordered another maternity dress from Old NAvy. I definitely over did it with the tops when I was 4-6 months. It is WAY too hot and just uncomfortable to wear pants now and the tops don't even cover my belly anymore so I have worn the same dress every day for the last two weeks. I went by TopShop again today, but nothing cute at all. I can probably live in two dresses for the next two months, as long as I can find something cute for the shower. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

32 Weeks!

32 weeks today and things are starting to get done! The crib is sitting in giant boxes in the living room waiting to be put together as soon as DH wakes up. Poor thing, he had a a big show Friday night and had a little bit of a sore throat, then woke up yesterday morning with a fever and feeling awful. He was too sick to go out so I picked up our CSA (amazing this week) then trotted over to the baby store to buy the crib. I have a Jeep Liberty but it is pretty full of band equipment and the crib boxes were huge and so the wonderful owner offered to bring it by our apartment after the store closed that night. SO nice!

Then I had my mommy-to-be meeting at Urban Rustic. Not as many people today, but it was fun. The group leader actually had her baby so she was there with the baby and her mom. Her mom is an acupuncturist and was a L&D nurse so she was great to talk to. The baby was very small and sweet and her birth story was encouraging - 7 hour labor 10 days before her due date. That's what I like to hear.

Also, my copy of B is For Bob arrived which I won off of another blog which will not be named (OK, it was but I swear I do NOT read celebrity gossip, ask anyone). It is a compilation of Bob Marley songs re mixed by Ziggy Marley for babies and kids - so cute.

I can't wait to set up the crib, but it looks pretty complicated so I better not touch anything until DH wakes up. It also weighs about a million pounds since it is solid wood, not a creepy chemical laden compound. Next decision: crib mattress. Sigh. I was thinking IKEA, but they are pretty flimsy and thin. The owner at Mini Jake showed me their selection and the most popular seems to be the foam mattresses from Moonlight Slumber. They are non toxic, flame resistant, antiallergenic, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and WATERPROOF which is pretty cool. You don't actually even need a mattress pad at all with them which is pretty amazing (I could take that $70 organic waterproof mattress pad off my registry). They have one for $170, then a fancier one for $250. The fancier one actually has two sides - one is really firm for the newborn, and the other is softer memory foam for when they get older. Hmm. I will let DH call this I think.

I think I am going to get try to "nest" (aka clean) a little bit. I have to catch it when I have the feeling, it doesn't happen often.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I think we found our crib...

Yesterday we went to check out Mini Jake, a baby store in our neighborhood that I hadn't been by yet. I thought it was just a small boutique with mostly modern things, so I hadn't been in a rush to get over there yet for some reason. The store is actually big and GREAT. They carry a full line of all the best (AKA fancy) cribs, strollers, books, products, and they are SO nice. Modern cribs aren't really my style, but one caught DHs eye and I really liked it as well. It is the Argington Sahara. The price tags on all these cribs run from $700- $1500, but it turns out they have one in the box that a couple just returned, and are selling it for 30% off! Check out if you are interested, they have some beautiful things!

If I am going to spend money on a crib, I want it to be a good investment. Buying this crib supports a local neighborhood store, local designers, and is a green purchase. :) Honestly, pieces of chipboard crap at BRU cost this much. Boy do I love a deal.

Argington Sahara
The Sahara Crib is made from renewable and sustainably harvested solid birch wood and low voc birch plywood. We use Non toxic and pollutant free finishes and our production facilities are energy efficient to reduce waste and energy. The crib transforms into a toddler bed expanding the life of the product several additional years and negating the need to buy a whole new bed, creating less waste in the world.
FSC certified sustainably harvested wood
Low-VOC glues
Non toxic and pollutant free finishes
Energy efficient production facilities

Now, as long as it is still there today and they are OK with taking Mommy's credit card info over the phone (she offered to buy our crib all along and is excited about this one), we will be good to go!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Things are turning around.. DH got paid and we went out to breakfast with the dogs at the coffee shop down the block. Yum, they have the best bagels with cream cheese, tomato and pesto and the ONLY good decaf iced coffee I have ever had.

Then, a box came from my best friend who lives in California. She told me to expect it, and to open it right away (we both hate to wait to open presents) so I tore right it! It is the most adorably wrapped box of things from an adorable organic baby store in San Fransisco called Sprout filled with the cutest most wonderful things. She said she bought all the favorite things according to the salesgirl. :) There is a book called Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay which looks hyseterical, an Aden + Anais organic swaddle muslin wrap, Sophie la Girafe (which I REALLY wanted!) the Skip Hop MOBY bathsput cover (also really wanted but couldn't find to put on my registry), a little organic beenie hat with a guitar sewn on (DH is a musician), a blue and white stripped onesie from Under The Nile, and a precious long sleeved T shirt with little blue birds (Speesees organic).. I love everything so much! I kind of want to wrap it back up and open it again at the shower.. But I also want to unwrap and play with everything!

Hospital Tour!

We took our hospital tour last night, which was pretty amazing. I was happy to see that the hospital (NYU Tisch) was a lot more modern than St.Vincents where we went for our anatomy ultrasound. The lobby is huge with a big grassy area in the middle, very clean and hotel - like. The tour had about 10 or 12 couples and everyone seemed to be in their last few months. I was mostly surprised at how calm everything was. I was expecting to hear screaming women, women being rushed into emergency C sections, people packed in the waiting room.. but it was very quiet and the nurses were all hanging around the nursing station chatting. One woman was in triage eating a sandwich. We saw the L& D rooms (pretty nice) and the baby nursery where they were bathing and fixing up a couple of babies. They wheeled a tiny newborn past us and that's when I really hit home. He was so small and adorable and everyone is the group seemed pretty stunned. No one could even come up with any questions - a very rare thing in NYC. I am not thrilled about the shared rooms, but it looks fine. If you get the window side you have a nice view of the East River. Also, while I am still scared about DH not being able to spend the night, he can stay until 10:30 (my bedtime anyway) and be back at 8:30 so hopefully I will barely miss him. The woman who did our tour is a lactation consultant and said how the hospital is very supportive of breast feeding. We can work with a consultant and take a class while we are there. Maybe that doesn't sound so bad after all... a few days in the hospital.. classes, nurses, food brought to me.. we will see. :)
After the tour we had a little extra time so we hung out downstairs in the garden, DH played some guitar since he was on his way to band practice. It was really nice.
Yesterday I was really sad and wrote a post that I don't intend to publish. Things are still tough financially. My first big check came in, then was taken back by the bank for unknown reasons and it in the mail somewhere getting returned to me. DH spent an hour on the phone with the bank to no avail. All my clients are late paying this quarter of course so still no shopping. ALso it seems like a lot of our friends are not going to be able to come to the shower. I am just happy to see my mom and sister, and I am sure it will be great, but I got pretty sad seeing the rsvp list so far. Phew.
DH said something really sweet after the tour. He said that all this struggling and difficulty is just going to make perfect sense as soon as we have our little baby in less than two months. We are ready for this and this is what is all about.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Top Three Nursery Pet Peeves:

#1 What is up with the names over the crib? ENOUGH already. 99 out of 100 nurseries this year have the babies name hung in giant letters over the crib. 75 out of those also seem to have a giant tree painted on the wall. It's a pandemic.

#2 Wall decals. For the most part they are so disgusting. The little random stickers of animals or dots scattered sloppily all over the walls look ridiculous. They remind me of a bedroom in a trailer park where the kids have put stickers all over the walls and no one bothered to clean them off. The giant quotes can be OK, but when they say something creepy in big scrolling letters like "My Prince Charming Has Come, and His Name is Daddy" that's just... umm.. disturbing somehow.

#3 Matching bedding with matching ruffled window valances.. This type of curtain is my biggest design nightmare of them all. Short, ruffled curtains with cartoons or some hideous color combination? These make the windows looks smaller and usually showcases the ugly blinds or ugly window frames. What's wrong with nice long sheer drapes?

OK, bitchy rant over. Maybe I am just jealous and frustrated because we haven't gotten to buy any furniture or work on the "nursery" at all yet. Now I just checked the IKEA website and the Gulliver crib is out of stock at every location in the NY area. People must have more babies in the summer? They do have the other furniture I like, photo below. This basically how the room will look but I am going to paint the changing station white, maybe change the handles and knobs, and the crib is different (more modern). I may have to rush around and find another one all together I guess. I really like how it has the little shelves for some books and a little cabinet. I want to keep the baby things contained to his side of the room as much as possible! Hopefully it will be enough space for everything, there really isn't room for anything else!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

31 weeks

I must say, I really outdid myself with dinner last night: Bar B Q ribs, macaroni and cheese, and sauteed farm fresh zucchini and squash with a salad of CSA red lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.

What a nice weekend so far. It is still so beautiful and not too hot. I had a meeting on Friday in the city, then DH and I went out for date night to one of our favorites, a wonderful Italian restaurant around the corner. Yesterday, we went to the park in the morning to pick up our CSA share, then spent the rest of the day cooking and cleaning and actually getting some things done for the baby. Apparently, my nesting instinct kicked in yesterday, it was amazing! I have felt very small urges to clean, but mostly just feelings of inadequacy and urges to get a new housekeeper ASAP. Yesterday, we moved the dining room table to it's new spot by the window, and moved DHs desk where the dining room table used to be. I was worried that the room would be really cramped and awful, but it actually looks really nice. It's nice eating over by the front windows, we weren't really using that space anyway. Now I have the whole half of the bedroom pretty much cleared out to make room for baby area. But, we have no baby furniture yet, so there wasn't much I could do there. Instead, I took on the closet. I pulled out all out shoes, scrubbed down the shelves, got rid of about 20 pairs, and put everything back in in perfect order. I even found my Chanel flats that I thought were missing! I forgot, they were in a shoe bag with a pair of heels packed for DHs cousin's wedding a few months ago.. oops. I then scrubbed down the kitchen cabinets and appliances, under the sink where the garbage is, and even cleaned all the cleaning products and the bucket they are stored in! It was totally crazy, I felt like I did when I got that Adderall prescription for school. DH was just watching me from the sofa as I scrubbed the bottle of stove cleaner. I still plan on hiring a housekeeper before the baby is born if it fits onto the budget, this is just the preliminary work.

Symptom-wise, I am feeling more and more crappy. I now have a sore pain in my groin (?? Do girls have groins?) or somewhere down there. My belly is sooo big and it hurts to get up and down. Mason is a crazy baby and pokes out all over the place giving me alien stomach. He is getting so big, I can feel him way over my one side while I can see him poking out way over on the other side of my belly. He also likes to communicate with DH. When he puts his hand on my belly, Mason pokes out under his hand. Then DH pokes him, and he kicks back. It is really cute, I hope we aren't harassing him!

Today I am taking picture of DHs band in the park, then they are all coming over for a meeting and pizza. They better not leave a drillion beer bottles and pizza boxes around or I might freak out!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Updates and Things

I couldn't think of a title for this post!

I had another appointment with a new doctor today, and I think I liked her best of all. She was so cool and asked me all about myself and the baby, not rushed at all even though I was late. I have gained 27 pounds, which she says is a little much, but since I started out "underweight" I am fine to gain 35 lbs. Ah, New York, they love to try to keep you skinny. She said to watch my carbs and sugar or my baby could be too big and difficult to get out - creeps! She also asked about my mom's labors and how much my sister and I weighed at birth. Everyone is just different, and there is no way for her to know what I am eating, how I ate before. Honestly, nothing has really changed. I am pretty much eating exactly the same as I did before. I guess 27 lbs is a lot of weight, but it really is only in my belly so far. My maternity jeans still fit (although they are getting a bit tight) so my butt and thighs can't be TOO much bigger! Oh well.

I did make myself ill last night. We went to Trader Joe's and I just had to have the 5 layer bean dip, so that was our dinner. I think that would have been fine, but then I totally overdid it on the dried mangoes as well.. And I am eating more of them now - stop!!
I also got the bake-at-home artisanal bread and made the yummiest bacon/egg/cheese sandwiches this morning. Tonight, I think a stir fry type thing with chicken and broccoli, carrots and bok choy from the farmer's market.

I am reading "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" which is interesting. I am not really crazy about this woman, but I got the book for free and I might as well hear what she has to say. I really don't know how I feel about these "sleep schedules" but people are pretty crazy about it on both sides. Seeing as crating the dogs lasted about 2 seconds and they have been in the bed ever since, I don't think I am going to be much of a sleep trainer. At the same time, I don't want the baby in bed with us forever like I was with my parents. Privacy is going to be an issue at some point.

I am really hoping to get a big check tomorrow so we can go to Ikea this weekend, I think it is time to make the pile in the corner start to resemble somewhere a baby will be living in 2 short months!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend/ 30 weeks!

It's the 4th of July weekend and we decided to stay in the city. It's kind of cool because the city almost totally empties out as everyone rushes off to the Hamptons, Upstate, New Jersey.. Luckily our friends were around as well and we had a great time. Friday we actually went to the DMV to do some name changing business. The Brooklyn DMV is pretty much hell on earth, as it is located in the hell on earth Atlantic "Mall". The Atlantic Mall actually has a very very similar feeling to the Tutu Park mark in St.Thomas - it is SO ghetto. DH ended up not having the right paperwork because his out of state ID already expired, but I made it through all three lines and should have a new DL with my married name and actual address on it (for once) in 2 weeks.
Since we were already in that part of Brooklyn, we headed over the Habana Outpost, a delicious Brazilian restaurant and the first solar powered eatery in BK! The original Cafe Habana is by our old place in Nolita and we LOVVEE the grilled corn smothered in mayo, buttter, queso and lime! So we had a quick queso and avocado sandwich, some corn and some drinks. I was hoping for a virgin frozen mojito or margarita, but they were already mixed so I had to settle with a lemonade.
From there it was time to head to our friends' place out by Prospect Park. We had yummy appetizers and hung out in the back yard and ordered pizza. AND we found out our friend Amy is pregnant! This is the wife of one of DHs best friend's so it is pretty exciting that we aren't the ONLY ones anymore! Now I feel bad for the other couple. Us three couples always hang out, we all got married the same year, etc. and the only one not PG is the one who I think most wants to get PG and has wanted to for the longest. She is the youngest though, and they aren't trying yet until they have a better financial plan which is smart.

Yesterday we went down to the park and picked up out CSA, took the dogs to the dog park, and DH went for a run on the track. Then we stopped by the farmer's market to pick up eggs and strawberries for my fruit pizza. We gave the dogs a bath and went over to Kevin and Amy's for a bar b q. It was the nicest weather, really perfect and beautiful and yummy food. We were even able to see the fireworks from the roof. Muffin (our Maltese) and I don't really like fireworks, but it was pretty and we were brave.

Unfortunately, DH has been in a grumpy mood all weekend and I don't know what to do to make him feel better. We have still had a nice time, but it has been hanging around like a black cloud and we have gotten into a few little fights. Last night he was so upset, but I was just so tired I couldn't stay up to talk to him anymore. I know he is worried about teaching college in the fall, but I just know he is going to be so good at it and love it so much. I wish he didn't have to spend the next 2 months dreading it.

We got sooo many blueberries in our CSA this week so I am going to go make some blueberry pancakes and do some cleaning. I am still so tired. I want to go back to sleep but I know I can't.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Why am I just finding this out?? TOPSHOP finally opened their NY store a little while ago, and there were lines around the block for days. I haven't been yet because I thought it would be depressing to see all the little dresses I can't wear this summer. Well, I sent one of my clients there yesterday and she told me they have maternity!! So I immediately googled and found that you can even order from their website! Now, it doesn't look like the maternity was designed by Kate Moss like the other things I want, but it still beats ordering from the same 5 cute Gap dresses that every pregnant woman in America will wear to her shower this summer!
I am hoping for a beiiger selection in the store, but here are a few things I love so far...
Fun day dress...

Possible shower dress...

Actual cool outfit I would actually wear not pregnant..

I know this bathing suit is ridiculous, but I am somehow drawn to it... How cute for camping and hanging out at the river with a cooler and hot dogs and a big sun hat?

I will be trotting over to to the Soho store as SOON as my next quarter checks come in next week!