Saturday, August 14, 2010

I think I am falling apart..

Just a little bit. And not in a dangerous mental breakdown kind of way, just in a "wow, I haven't looked in the mirror in months" kind of way.

It kind of clicked the other day when my best friend was telling me how she admires what a great mother I am, and how "selfless" raising a child is. As she sat there in her cute new dress with her recently cut hair, perfectly manicured nails and tales of this and that dance party/fabulous event I realized that I, #1. Haven't been dancing in years (not counting baby music class), and #2. basically look like crap, and this was her subtle way of telling me.
p.s. this is the same bff who stopped me from wearing a frumpy empire waist dress to my wedding because "she would look hotter than me on my wedding day" and coaxed me into a fabulous mermaid silhouette dream gown (which thank God I wore because I will never have that body again).

Then I read this post over at where the blogger actually passed out from dehydration - nursing, sweating, running around. Crap, this could be me. My spare moments when Smoosh is asleep are spent working or researching toys and birthday party themes. I haven't had my hair cut in a year and the spit ends are reaching 3 and 4 prongs. My nails.. I can't even talk about. I am gaining weight again and love handles are spilling over the tops of my jean shorts. :( And now, with the lovely AF coming back, I have having those little neck break out bumps again.

DH tells me every day that I look gorgeous, but I know the stress of the move is getting to us, and I am looking a little worse-for-wear. But what to do? No extra time, no extra money right now. I think I will initiate a simple plan. Here are my new rules:

1. Stretch every morning first thing. This makes me more aware of my body and what I put in it and decreases stress.
2. Make a natural scrub with some sea salt and olive oil and give myself 5 minutes at the end of my shower to exfoliate.
3. Take the bag of clothes I don't want to the exchange shop and get one new outfit for myself with the money.
4. Have DH give me a little trim, for now.
5. Drink MORE water!!

Namaste ;)

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