Thursday, April 29, 2010

7.5 months

And my little crawl-monster is QUITE the handful. He is soo fast, pulls up on everything, pulls everything off the shelves, goes into the bathroom and tips over the trash.. He is a terror in his walker and zooms around the apartment pulling down more things. It is intense!

This week has been kind of rough with more teething (but still ZERO teeth) and horrible napping. He has only managed to sleep 15-20 min in my arms and scream when I put him in the crib. At night, not too bad. Waking twice to nurse then back to his room. But just as I was thinking "I have spoiled him! Where is the that sleep training book??!" .. this too has passed. He is sleeping happily in his room for morning nap as I type. And only 1 nurse last night, so it looks like we are back on track to STTN again. :)

I launched my photography website this week and so far I have 3 shoots set up for next month. My other business has picked up, but it looks like it is going to be another long summer completely devoid of shopping sprees. :( Luckily I will have warm weather and my little darling family which is really all I need anyway.

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