Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Home Again

Wow, those 10 days in LA felt like forever, like another world kind of. We got ourselves totally immersed in the idea that we are moving to LA .. asap. We looked at some houses, found one we LOVED, and mentally sort of "moved" there already, we spent every day deciding how to make the leap. Then we got back home to our new walls. And 70-80 degree weather, meet ups in the park and all that is great about New York as soon as the weather gets nice. We will see. I don't want to spend another winter here! So we will plan and plot some more. Look at Craig's list for houses, look for jobs and other signs that we should move on along.

It was so nice having family around to help with the babe. We looked at the most amazing pre school in Bel Air and I think MIL even put Smoosh on the wait list. We saw the most adorable house right up the hill from the school and the ILs. Private, gorgeous views, big brick fireplace, wood beam ceilings..

ANYWAY, enough daydreaming We had a great trip all together. Passover was great, we ate tons of great food. DH and I got to go to the movies (Crazy Heart finally), out on the town, and relax a little. We saw my BF who now lives out at the beach and I photographed her son. :)

Smoosh's first Easter did not disappoint. We woke up to little felt Easter basket a trail of Easter Eggs and candy all the way into the house where there was a big basket with gifts for everyone (see why I want to live close to me MIL?). Smoosh got an adorable bunny and a set of Peter Rabbit plate, cup and bowl from Pottery Barn kids. So sweet!

The new Stella McCartney for Gap also happened to come out while we were there, so we got Smoosh the cutest Western shirt for Easter!

Here is Mr. Man (or Mr. Mannington as we now call him) on Easter morning. I know you can't see it here, but I swear he grew some hair while we were away!

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