Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby-Led Weaning ;-)

Haha, I am still making delicious purees as well, but Smooshie LOVES to eat things with his own hands. Banana, strawberries, pieces of squash and sweet potato, big hunks of crusty bread.. Luckily the farmers market is open so at least he is eating big hunks of locally made multigrain loaf with no preservatives! Also, the strawberries are in season!! Super exciting since they are one of the fruits that absorb the most pesticides so it is super important to buy organic.
Smoosh is LOVING his Leapfrog musical groove table thing - and now he pushes it around the apartment. I think it is time for one of those push toys! He is "cruising" and holding on to the wall with one hand...
We go away next week - St.Thomas again yay- he is going to be a handful!


Jaime said...

Cute! I thought that strawberries were high on the allergy list so I haven't tried them yet.

joven said...

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