Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Symptoms :/

SO I have kind of been freaking out. I have no symptoms to speak of. No sore breasts, my stomach is now totally flat (not bloated at all which it was when I first tested), no nausea, not particularly starving. I am tired, but that may be because I switched to de-caff/ half-caff. I told DH about my concerns and he insisted I call the Dr office to see if I can get some kind of check before next week. The receptionist put me on with the nurse who said there was nothing they could do before 8 weeks, except a blood test which would be the same as a HPT. Really? I know I have heard ladies on the boards talking about getting beta's and levels and numbers doubling to confirm everything is OK. I know I am not high risk, so I don't deserve any special treatment or anything, but I a pretty sure they could check somehow. I guess I just wait until another week and hope I just having a very easy pregnancy so far. I know they are all different, I was just SO sick with DS by this time.

I wrote this the other day then decided to post it to the boards instead. After encouragement from lots of girls with no symptoms, I calmed down a bit. Still, feeling a little nervous. Oh well.

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robin said...

Maybe #2 is a girl...? I have friends who felt completely different with pregnancies of different sex babies. Hope everything is ok.