Wednesday, October 14, 2009

4 Weeks

You know, I have often noticed that when pregnancy blogs turn into baby blogs they tend get, how can I put this? BORING. And mine is no exception. Days of boredom and anticipation that leave ample time for witty blogging are replaced with days of actually taking care of the baby we have been dreaming of and buying thing for for the last 9 months or more. Now it's just "baby slept for _ hours" , "baby did this", "baby did that".. Surely once I am getting a little more sleep I will come up with something more interesting to say, right? I know I will want to read these some day, and maybe Smoosh will too, so I will march on..

We took our first trip this last weekend, a 6 hour drive to Maryland. He was pretty good in the car, but we did have to stop to BF pretty often. My nursing cover is coming in very handy, as I end up nursing while I am eating most of the time. DH had to make my brunch buffet plate at the hotel, and cut my steak at dinner b/c I was nursing. We left Friday evening and really just got a few hours outside of the city, then it started raining and we decided to get a hotel and call it a night. The next day we drove on to Maryland, straight to the festival where DH met the band. It was a big outdoor stage right on the lake and everyone sat on blankets on the hillside. It was pretty cold so I bundled Smoosh in layers and he watched his daddy perform for the first time! Then we went back to the hotel, we were staying at an awesome lodge inside the park. DH went back to hang out and see the rest of the shows, and Smoosh and I ordered room service and watched a movie. The next day it was SO beautiful (and DH was so hungover) that we decided to stay another day since it was a holiday weekend. We had a yummy brunch, walked around, then had to find a Wal Mart to buy more diapers, breast pads, and PJs! The leaves were all turning and it was so gorgeous. Then we went to the pool back at the hotel and I FINALLY got to go in the hot tub - first time in 9 months! yay! Smoosh put his toes in and he loved it. I can't wait for him to go in the ocean at Christmas! We had a nice dinner, relaxed, and came home the next day. Totally relaxing, wonderful weekend.

Now it is a busy week with billing for work, squeezing in play groups (hey, it's getting cold and I need friends!) and taking care of the LO. We had a play group yesterday, and a music class demo today and tomorrow, need to see the pedi for hi 1 month appointment.. And this reminds me why I have very little time to blog. Back to work!

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