Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 weeks!

Me and Smooshie right now, blogging. Excuse the crazy hair, that's what happens when you sleep in braids.

My little Smoosh is 1 month and 1 week old! He is more and more of a little person every day, and we are having so much fun together.
His 1 month appointment went great- he is up to 10lb 12oz so the constant breast feeding is really paying off! That is a pretty big gain from 7lb 6oz. He holds his little head up, follows us around the room with his eyes, looks at his toys and the dogs.. such a big difference from the first few weeks. He is even trying desperately to stand, so cute. AND he did his first real smile the other day which really was different than his little random infant smiles. It was SO adorable.
We have an awesome play group that meets twice a week, plus a ton of classes starting soon. We did 2 music class demos last week and a cloth diaper workshop. We are also starting mom & baby cooking, mom & baby pilates, mom & baby book group.. Music Together starts next week, plus our play group twice a week. I know it is a lot, but I am DREADING the winter and I do NOT want to be stuck indoors!
Speaking of winter, we had a serious cold blast last week and I realized little one is totally unprepared for the weather. I had to make an emergency Baby Gap order of snowsuits and fuzzy coveralls and hats!
And speaking of emergency orders, here is something else I was SO wrong about.. the car seat. Why, I thought, would I be so lazy that I would need to click the car seat onto the stroller? Why not just take baby out and put him into a carrier, or hold him?? Well, because he will cry. Into car seat= cry, out of car seat= cry, into carrier= cry, out of carrier= cry, back into car seat= cry. Exhausting. He does not like getting in and out of these things, all the straps I guess, the warmth to the cold..
Now it is true that there is a flat baby head epidemic and I do think this has a lot to do with it. On our Maryland road trip, we found that Cracker Barrel actually has special attachments that go on the chairs to accommodate a car seat. Also, at WAL Mart you can click your pod child right onto your shopping cart! You basically never have to take them out! Even so, we caved and ordered the car seat base attachment for the Uppa Baby. I swear I will not let Smoosh get a flat head. He is sitting here with me right now, and he will do extra tummy time to make up for it! He also spends most of the day at home in the Moby (actually the Sleepy is working better for me so DH has taken over the Moby).
Today we have got to get some errands done, so I hope to take advantage of the warm-ish weather and stroller around the hood which I haven't really done yet by myself. Very exciting times.

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Just Call Me Brayden's Mom!! said...

busy, busy, busy...all of the classes will be fun & help the winter months fly by!! Enjoy your walk!