Monday, October 5, 2009

3 weeks!

Well, 3 weeks tomorrow. Although I still tend to think that he was born on Monday since it was late Monday night.. Anyway..

Smooshie (that is his most popular nickname by far) has gotten a little more difficult the last few days. Apparently they tend to get more fussy and gassy around 3- 6 weeks. AND they are more likely to develop baby acne which the poor little guy has as well. Great. I guess, biologically, they have to be REALLY cute that first week or two so we don't change our minds and leave them for the wolves or something. He actually slept very well last night, I got up to nurse three times and still got plenty of sleep. Now he is cooing and smiling in his swing while I work.

My In Laws were in town this weekend so we took him out to dinner for the first time which was a huge success. We swaddles him and brought him in his bassinet and stroller and he didn't make a peep. And I finally got to have my margarita! Dinner was so successful, we went out somewhere fabulous every night! Mexican, then Maltese, then Italian - yum!

Smooshie is also a wonderful shopper! Yesterday I drove into the city (he screamed all the way there while I tried not to cry or crash) to the IL's hotel, parked, nursed him up in their room then put him into the Bjorn and he slept through 2 or 3 hours of crazy bargain shopping! I found 3 dresses that button down the front thank the Lord (I love my dresses with tights and boots in the Fall) and he got two little Ralph Lauren outfits. I love my ILs. :)

Some other very exciting news: Smooshie is already going to his first concert next weekend! DH has a show in MAryland so I was going to be left alone for two nights.. not happy about that. Then we looked at the festival website and it is a family friendly festival and they play in the afternoon so we get to come - YAY! It is in a State Park and we will just drive separately and get a hotel room. Smoosh gets to use his little headphones and wear his "I'm With The Band" onesie already!

Now, on to something else important.. the Baby Gap Fall clothes!! OMG! SO cute! I can actually recreate some of DHs outfits and they can be matching - how precious! I just don't know what size to get, he is still just a little scrunchie ball, but how big will he be in a few months? Hmmm...

Smooshie's Fall/Winter wardrobe:

Today we are going to a new Mommy/Baby tea with a Pilates class and nutrition talk - so excited!

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