Tuesday, November 10, 2009

8 weeks!

My little guy is 8 weeks today.. and it my birthday! The age that will not be named haha.. OK, I am 32. I am going to stop being weird about it now.

Last weekend DH had to go to a conference in Atlanta so my sister came into town to meet her nephew. We had SUCH a great time. She is 25 and not much of a baby person, but they just adored each other. She had him smiling and laughing constantly! We did tons of shopping, went out to the outlets (YAY!!) and ate lots of yummy food. I got some really great stuff for Smoosh at the Saks outlet. :)

Sunday night we celebrated my birthday early with a group of friends at the Beer Hall/ Beer Garden which was AWESOME. They have delicious Austrian food, amazing beer (duh) and it is kid friendly! It was totally full of hipster parents and fabulously dressed kids running wild all over the place. Smoosh loved the dark and loud environment and slept like a dream for a few hours before getting up to play and get held by everyone. I think we may be spending a lot of time there in the future.

Yesterday I went to an indoor garage sale and picked up a few more hideous things that I swore I would never buy. First, a Bumbo seat. I just never liked the idea of these things, and I think I even read that they can be damaging because parents leave them in there for hours and it causes developmental problems... Well, we will be careful with ours. For now, it is awesome to stick him in there and have him sit up on the counter with us as we make dinner. It is giving his little neck and upper body a good work out too. Second, a battery powered plastic mobile. This thing goes for $120 on Amazon! It is supposed to help their development, but it simply a ploy to lure him into his crib. I have to get batteries for it today, then I will let you know how it works. He seems pretty fascinated by it already.

No change in the sleep schedule, I just seem to be going to sleep earlier and earlier to fit into his schedule. Hmmm

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