Tuesday, November 3, 2009

7 weeks today!

And I think my Smoosh had a major growth spurt. Last night his pajamas came nowhere near fitting onto him! I had to rustle through the bigger things I had put away and put him in a size 6 month outfit! Luckily, I have starting buying 6 month things. Like the AMAZING striped sweater I got him at the Bonpointe sample sale!!

Yes, I did end up getting to go, but it was NO easy task. First, my follow up OB appointment. Everything is great, except I found out that I am still 17 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight!!! EEK! No wonder my jeans don't fit! I have to say, that was quite the shock. I think I look good, but geez, I need to fit back into my clothes. I have very expensive designer clothes that I have been "investing" in for a long time (Yes, I have convinced DH that they are an investment mwahaha.) Sigh. I did start mommy baby pilates yesterday.

So after the OB appointment I was able to convince DH to just to do a quick drive-by of the sample sale. After all , I don't think I had even been into the city since the baby was born and that made DH feel sorry for me and agree to go. Of course, I got the cross streets wrong ( I thought it was between 5th and 6th ave, but it was really 7th and 8th). It would have taken an hour to get around the block so my plans were almost thwarted, but I just jumped out and ran like the wind back to 8th avenue. Then I see ropes and lines outside the building... there is also a Louis Vuitton sample sale going on in the building as well! Now, I could really do without LV anyway. Ostentatious status bags aren't my thing, I don't have much use for heels these days, and I am OBVIOUSLY not buying clothes at this weight. So this just means I have to deal with lines of crazy NYC women Sex-In-The-City-Style trying to rush the elevators. Well, I made it and it was worth it. If I had had a baby girl, I would have been in trouble. If I had gone on the first day I might have been in trouble as well, as the tables were slightly picked over by Thursday. Even still, I found exactly what I was looking for. The very last little wool cap that covers the ears. The LAST one. AND it was $20, market down for $120!! I also quickly picked up and adorable greyish blue sweater overall and brown striped sweater. These will look adorable for Christmas photos I think. How I love a good sample sale.

And more baby style news, the Stella McCartney for Gap line came out today! Die!!! It is SO cute, although the infant clothes are slightly less irresistible than the toddler line with the little military jackets...

Halloween was super fun. Smoosh was a baby shark, I was a Geisha warrior, and DH was a Guatemalan cowboy. We walked around the festivities and had a drink with friends from my mommy group and watched the Brooklyn "Babyburg" festivities. There surely are a lot of hip kids and parents around here.

On Sunday night I decided to take Smoosh in the bath rub with me for a little swimming lesson. He LOVED it, especially floating. He is going to be ready for the beach by Christmas for sure. Now we better hop in the shower (we shower together every morning) and get to our cooking class. Followed by lunch with the mommy group, then Music class. :)

Stella McCartney for Gap!

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Priscila said...

oh they grow so fast dont they!!!! Love your blog!!! Im so excited about stella too at gap! :)

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