Friday, November 13, 2009

Last night I cried...

Because Shmoosh was too big for his pajamas... This is so unlike me! I am usually a look-forward person. Not terribly sentimental. But when I saw his little feet poking out of the footsies, the fabric refusing to stretch over his little shoulders, I got so upset! DH thinks I am crazy, he just can't wait to be able to talk to him. Sometimes when I am nursing, these intense emotions take over as well. I look down and he is sucking away, looking up at me with his big blue eyes and I just want to squeeze him and never let him go. It is actually painful to feel this strongly.

Anyway, yesterday we had his 2 month appointment at the new doctor since our new insurance doesn't cover the other one. It is pretty upsetting since the other practice is a few blocks away, and very fabulous and progressive. This new guy comes well recommended, but we have to drive over there, it;s hard to find parking in that neighborhood, it isn't as nice or cool. It is actually in the Polish neighborhood, so it is basically like being in Poland ( I imagine). Lots of Perogi shops, everyone speaking Polish in the office. Whoever said New York isn't diverse hasn't been exploring the right neighborhoods. The DR was nice, but pretty intense. DH wasn't crazy about him, but he did give us lots of personal attention and he was very impressed with Smoosh. He is 13 lb 12oz and 24.5 inches which puts him in the 90th and 95th percentile, respectively. The DR found him very social, he was smiling and laughing during his entire exam. Smoosh apparently though the doctor was very funny. We have to go back next week for shots since he isn't actually 2 months yet. Not looking forward to that.

What I am looking forward to is going to the Beer Garden tomorrow with the mommy group. :)

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