Friday, December 4, 2009

What Smooshie is Up to These Days..

I don't want to forget, it is moving so fast!

His favorite things to do:

STILL.. Jumping. Flying. (aka we jump him in the air or fly him around. Exhausting)

Jumping and "walking" in his Doorway Jumper - so cute!

Batting and kicking at things on his activity matt, he actually grabbed one of the toys yesterday and pulled it down to his mouth!

Standing with us holding his hands, he looks so proud :)

Putting his hands in his mouth, he loves his precious hands like no other.

Smiling and laughing, yay.

The mobile in his crib, it CRACKS him up every time! (Not that he is sleeping in there, he just hangs out in it sometimes during the day)

Talking. He says "A gloo oo" which = " I love you"

Taking showers and baths together.

Music class.

His Daddy singing his special song he wrote for him, it always calms him down at night. :)

Things he is SO over:

The swing, he tries to get out of it and won't keep his head down!

The bassinet- we are on to the actual seat on the stroller which is great because I can keep it folded downstairs.

All of his 0-3 and some of his 3-6 clothes! He is huge! (95th percentile apparently)

Things he is still so-so about:

The Bumbo. He sits up in it and it is fun to have him on the counter while we eat lunch or when I cook dinner, but he still looks a little slumpy after a while.

The rattle. He holds it and shakes it, but I am not sure if he knows he is shaking it or holding it.

That's pretty much all I can think of right now... I need to go find that video camera...

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