Monday, December 28, 2009


Eek I guess I haven't posted at all since we have been on our wonderful Christmas holiday. The first week we were so busy hanging out wth family and getting ready for Christmas and parties, then the second week by BFF and her boyfriend were here. We are here another week, but it's back to work a little bit I guess. Work, and blogging of course. :)

Smooshie loves it here and it is so nice having my parents around to play with him. We have a gymnastics matt and activity gym set up and he is CRAZY about rolling over! it is so funny, he can flip over in 1 second now and does it over and over again. He is also really playing with his toys more. He really cracks us all up with his tricks and faces. He is also HUGE. I can't wait to see if he really is getting super big, or if it just seems that way since we don't have his other baby friends to compare with. We have met 2 babies who were a few weeks older than him and we was double their size! In fact, he is getting so heavy I pulled out my back yesterday so I went for an amazing massage at a really great spa this morning... 90 minutes of total relaxation then hanging out in the hot tub and sauna and a long hot shower with all the crazy jets.. My mom watched Smoosh and ever brought him in to BF in between my massage and hot tubbing!

He is also apparently teething already :( Poor little thing drools everywhere and bites and chews on everything!

It has been so fun taking him to the beach. He wears his little rash guard and hat and we swim him around. He also really enjoys falling asleep in the car and then sleeping in his carseat at the beach for hours- while we drink rum punch - fabulous!

His first Christmas was really fun. My dad got him a Bongo drum and he got lots of books and cool little things. He went to a few holiday parties and was a big hit, smiling at everyone then falling asleep. It has also been AMAZING seeing him with my grandmother, who will be 102 in February. They take their morning naps together every day!

And... it looks like his afternoon nap is now over.. more soon!

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