Friday, February 5, 2010

Sleep Breakthrough!!

Just when I thought things were never going to get better.. Things have been crazy lately. Smooshie has been sleeping 100% in our bed (hates the crib, despises the co sleeper, laughs at the bouncer..) and nursing on demand alll night long. He had also ceased all naps and was getting sooo cranky. We tried No Cry Sleep solution, and while we now have tons of data on Smooshie's every waking and sleeping move, he was still not sleeping even with all the tricks implemented. So a friend gave me Weissbluth (sp?) and we have been easing in to that. We let him cry himself into a nap the other day which was tough, but he actually slept much better that night. He did half the night in the crib, then I brought him into bed to nurse and he stayed.

Last night we went out so we had a sitter from the co-op. We did his bed time routine at home and dropped him off at her house in his car seat at 8PM. I was terrified that he was going to be a nightmare, but he slept the entire time we were gone (3 hours) and when we got home I nursed him and put him in his crib. DH gave him a bottle of BM at some point and had to walk him around a little, then I nursed him at 4:30 -but this time put him back in his crib- and he stayed in there until 8AM! YAAY! I know it isn't exactly sleeping through the night, but it is a big step.

Smoosh LOVES his milky and I don't see him going without a night feed any time soon which is OK with me. Honestly, I really just want my bed and privacy with DH back. Since I co slept with my parents until a ridiculous age (6), I just don't want to fall into that pattern when I know it isn't what I want. It was great for me and my hippie parents, but not for us.

MIL comes tonight for the weekend, got to clean!!

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