Monday, February 8, 2010

Wonderful Weekend, Wonderful Baby (right now)

My MIL was in town this weekend for a short and sweet trip since #1 It was her birthday on Saturday, and #2 If her work brings her anywhere within 5 states of us, she finds a way to get here! Totally understandable since she is on the West Coast.
We went out for sushi Friday night (with MIL holding baby and us getting to eat care free!) The Saturday we had wonderful time shopping in Soho in the snow. MIL loves to take us shopping, and we have our little circuit we do in Soho - Bloomingdales or AG for jeans or something for DH, up to MIL's favorite store Babette, down to my favorite store Jill Stuart, and over to Giggle to get something for Smoosh. Since I still have 10 lbs to go before buying any cute designer dresses, we skipped Jill Stuart this time.
Instead, I finally caved and got new jeans, 3 sizes above my normal size, but oh well. They are Paige, my favorite, and sooo comfortable. Fat hanging over the jeans does not feel good or look good so enter new jeans size X.
After all that shopping, we finally got a reservation at In the AM, we got sandwiches from a new place down the block. DH went to band practice, and I left Smoosh with MIL (eek!) and went and got my hair cut. Some things were in weird places afterwords, but still very successful. And I feel awesome in my new jeans and blown out layers. :)
Oh, and for the wonderful baby part. Not that he isn't always wonderful, but he has been sleeping IN HIS CRIB until 8:30 AM!!

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