Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cycle came to an abrupt end this morning...

..when I got my period. At CD 22. So strange, that is 4 days early! At least I didn't have time to waste any HPTs. So it's going to be scenario B this Christmas. Business (rum punch) as usual. Except I think our "special time" will be as soon as we arrive at my parent's house, so that will be awkward. We have our own room and everything, but my parents are up at the crack of dawn and always creeping around, going on walks, taking the dogs out, having the housekeeper come, etc. Not a lot of privacy. Luckily, we always take a few days, leave our dogs with my parents, and go camping by ourselves at the beach on another island. Maybe I will have to push that trip forward to the beginning of our trip instead of waiting a few days until my parents start to drive us crazy. :)

This is some "blood art" (take a wild guess) I found on Live Journal (user, Bluttee). The theme is supposedly "fertility".

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