Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am really awful at charting... I am on vacation and I just can't seem to commit. I didn't even manage to take an OPK this time but I just don't want to do it this month. I just want to have fun and not obsess.
Not to mention being around my parents makes me feel like a little retarded kid - not really something that makes me in the mood. Plus they have to go on about the economy, how we don't have real jobs. When we arrived, I looked in the guest room and there was a little travel crib set up! I asked if this was a hint, but no, they have some guests coming with a baby in a few weeks and Dad took that time to say something like "yeah, this would be a GREAT time for you guys to have kids" (totally sarcastically) since I was laid off from my regular income and we are just living off DH and my business. Hello, I am 31!!! AND I make more money and am more successful than they have ever been! They have just inherited quite a bit of money and are using it to retire (fine) and not giving me any. Whatever. I am sure that when it happens, they will be happy, but they are already getting on my nerves and making me nervous.

DH and I managed to escape on our own for 2 nights (see chart) so with some amazing luck that could have been O time.

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