Thursday, December 4, 2008

Getting Started

A few months ago, my husband and I decided to start - well, to stop trying NOT to have a baby. This is very much easier said than done in many ways.

First of all, why didn’t I know that there are only a few days a months one can get pregnant? Why doesn’t everyone know that? More on this later.

Second, once the possibility of getting pregnant is in your head, it is IMPOSSIBLE not to think about it- every twinge, ache, soreness, and everything else could be an early pregnancy symptom, or just normal bodily functioning that you didn’t used to notice because you were too busy having a normal life.

So far, things are going well I suppose. This is my 3rd cycle and I have figured a few things out. Like that the reason I have never been able to figure out when I am going to get my period is because I have a short cycle- 26 days.I always assumed that a cycle lasted a month, so I should get it the same time every month, but that never really worked out. Well, since my cycle is only 26 days, that means it shifts at least a week per month. (”See, sweetie, it doesn’t just SEEM likeI am always getting or having my period, I really do have it more often than most women….”). It turns out that the only time this is a good thing is when trying to get pregnant, because you have more “chances” at it.

I have come to rely on my favorite system of rewarding myself for things that are pretty much out of my hands just to feel better. i.e. “If I am pregnant this time, we get to buy something. If not, we go out for Sushi and Mojitos.” I manage to find a good plus/minus scenario every time. This month is especially win/win because we are going to the Caribbean to see my parents.

SCENARIO A. Pregnant= get to tell my family and get lots of presents and attention (maybe).

SCENARIO b. Not Pregnant= Get to party and drink as per usual (Painkillers on the beach in the BVI, Christmas grog, Rum Punch and dancing)

I am now in what is affectionately called the 2ww (two week wait), so I will let you know in a few days whether we will have scenario A or B this Christmas.

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