Sunday, February 8, 2009

9 weeks!

This week really flew by for some reason! I guess I will probably keep saying that as time moves on and things speed along. I had my first Pre Natal yoga class yesterday morning which was really great. I wasn't honestly THAT excited about it because I am not that great at Yoga and I was thinking it was going to be regular Yoga, just modified to exclude things one shouldn't do when pregnant. I also had this fear that I would show up and everyone would be these amazing glowing zen NY yoga women with big bumps, doing headstands and I would look totally pathetic, not showing and still totally unable to any positions. But it was amazing! The entire Pre Natal yoga is actually completely designed to help get your body ready for birth by learning to open up the pelvis and gain flexibility and calmness and reduce the fear and pain of labor. The girls there ranged from 9 weeks to 32 weeks and were all so sweet. Even though I was the least far along by a few weeks, everyone was very sympathetic to my awful MS. No one else I have met so far seems to have it as bad as me. Oh well, at least I know the little blob is Ok in there so far. Nothing in the class was TOO strenuous, but I came home and pretty much slept for the entire afternoon! That is so weird for me, because I never ever nap! And I am SO SORE today! I woke up to pee and freaked out because I could barely move, then I remembered why.

The nausea has gotten a little better, but is very much still there. I only throw up once or twice a day now, as opposed to ALL Day and I have a little more energy for helping with cooking and cleaning. We did our shopping at Trader Joe's this week so we could get a bunch of pre-made easy things that DH can cook. We got organic pre-made burritos, Pizza, Chinese food, Thai, Stir Fry. I usually like to make everything from scratch, but this has been an emergency situation lately. It's still really hard to find things I want to eat and I just feel worse and worse and everything sounds awful and I just have to eat something. Yesterday I got the craziest craving for Egg Salad, which I have never made and really don't even like! It took forever to boil the eggs and cool them off, I was feeling like such crap but I just had to have it! That was delicious, but today is sounds gross again. The pickle craving has not returned either.

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