Sunday, February 15, 2009

10 weeks, Yoga and Valentine's

And I am feeling much better, which of course is making me super nervous. I can't wait for my next appointment, but it is still 2 weeks away so I am just trying to be calm and positive.
Yesterday I had my second pre natal yoga class, which was pretty disappointing. Last week was a sub, and this week the regular teacher was back. She is basically what I was afraid of when I first signed up for the class. She is 31 weeks pregnant and just a perfect glowing pregnant yoga woman. She was very nice, but the class was more Yoga with some modifications for pregnancy, where last week was more based around birth preparation and pregnancy stretches intermixed with some meditation and yoga poses. This woman had us in my worst nightmare position, downward dog, forever. My arms are so weak so I was shaking and having my head down was making me SO nauseous. Then we were supposed to hold each leg up forever on each side. What a nightmare. I had to sit it out and just do cat pose because I told her I was going to throw up. I am also the least pregnant in the class so I felt like a total loser. She also kept making comments on how I am so tall and thin like her so I should put my foot farther forward, blah blah blah. To be honest, I LOOK like I would be really in shape and really good at yoga but I am just not. I am weak and not flexible at all, and I feel like she was being a little competitive with me or something. Last week I woke up totally sore from all the new stretches and feeling awesome, this week I can barely move from back pain and my muscles are not sore at all. Oh well, I guess she will give birth in a few months and maybe we will get the other teacher back.
In the afternoon DH and I got in a fight because I got him the wrong kind of bread at the grocery store. He gets the same kind every single week and couldn't believe I didn't know which one it was. I guess I wasn't really paying attention, which annoyed him because I am so crazy about what I eat and what brands, etc. He has a point, but I have pregnant brain and am not responsible for anything I do or say anymore. Just kidding.
For Valentine's we went to this amazing restaurant in our neighborhood where we went last year as well. It was so delicious and romantic. My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is the special Prix Fix menus they have. The chefs get to come up with all this stuff they are so excited about that is too complicated or too hard to find to have on the regular menu. YUM! We had an amazing fried artichoke taster, delicious goose liver pate creme brulee (I know I am not supposed to have pate, but this was made fresh), goat cheese and beet salad (I know), duck with beets and mashed potatoes, filet minon with the best creamed spinach ever, and yummy desserts. I had a glass of wine that I just took a few sips of and DH really drank, but it made me feel good to have my own glass even though I wasn't really drinking it. DH said it was his best Valentine's Day ever. :)

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