Sunday, February 22, 2009

11 Weeks!

I am 11 weeks today, I am so excited to get out of the 1st tri and start telling people. It is getting SO awkward. I am feeling better, but still exhausted and throwing up just once or twice a day. I feel good in the AM, then it all goes downhill.
Not to mention, our heater broke! We have central air and it has died and we couldn't find anyone to come look at it. Finally we got in touch with someone who will come first thing Monday morning. Meanwhile we have been huddled around a tiny space heater all week which doesn't do much in our apartment with 3 exposures of floor to ceiling windows, no separate rooms, and 15 foot ceilings. The poor dog babies are freezing and so mad at us.
I skipped Yoga this week, I am going to wait for Yoga women to give birth and then try again with another teacher.
I have to admit, I am getting pretty depressed. I am so happy to be pregnant, but the last two months have been so awful and I feel like winter is never going to end. My two best friends are on the West Coast and I keep putting off my few other friends because all they want to do is go get drinks and get trashed. The economy is so depressing and we are pretty much in a spending freeze until the middle of March. DH is wonderful, but he has a big thing coming up that he has been working on NON STOP for months. We eat together and that's pretty much it. He is working all day and all night (from home) while I creep around and try not to distract him.
OK, The pity party is now over. I feel better getting it all out. :) I am sure I will feel better when the heat is fixed and Spring is right around the corner. Our Tennessee trip is just a few weeks away and the In Laws will take me shopping and out to delicious meals. We can relax alone in front of the fire and see old friends an just be out of NYC for awhile.
We sold our treadmill yesterday to make room for the baby crib! We thought we should go ahead and sell it now while it is cold. Now we have a corner to start putting baby things in!

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