Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My new best friend

Greens + Natural Energy bar.

DH is worried that I am looking too thin, except for my belly which is totally sticking out. I don't have a scale, but he keeps saying my face and arms look too skinny. Hmm. When I was little I was super skinny, so my mom made me eat Tiger's Milk protein calorie bars at school, so I decided to pick up some of the Greens.

I have always liked these bars, they have a lot of protein, organic ingredients, they are cold pressed (?) and no creepy sugars or energy herbs like Guarana or anything. They are really filling and chewy and great to keep in my handbag if I am out and about (which rarely happens, but I was out all day yesterday on meetings). I also like to have a few bites first thing in the morning when I feel ill, before I can figure out what to eat. I think the protein is a good idea as well since a lot of my days have been a a nutrient disaster - grits, mac and cheese, crackers, plain pasta.

I must say, I am feeling SO much better than I was. Still ill enough to know something is going on in there, but now able to actually get out of bed and be more of a normal human being. Yay!

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