Monday, May 4, 2009

Real Food

Over the weekend we went to see Nina Planck, author of Real Food and her new book, Real Food for Mother and Baby speak at Whole Foods. I was very proud of DH for being interested and coming along and taking notes! I do love reading about nutrition and I know I do all the cooking, but I also sometimes hate having the sole responsibility for remembering all this stuff... which fish is ok, which cheese... I know he doesn't have time to read all this stuff so I loved hearing the talk together. Some basic points I went away with:

- Skim milk is creepy
-Protein is VERY important - fish, eggs, nuts
-NO processed food
-Drink a lot of water, dehydration causes most pre-mature births (who knew?)

There was a lot more, but that's what I can remember right now as I type from bed. Yes, bed. I woke up this morning with stomach cramps and diarrea - yuck. This may be TMI especially as part of my food post but oh well. The Baby book is so confusing. It says that is ok but tell your doctor if it goes on for a few days. Then at the end it says to call your doctor right away if it is watery or you go more than three times in a day. Um, isn't that the definition of what it normally is? Watery and going a lot? Ugh. I just made some yummy fresh chicken soup from scratch and I am working from bed all day. I feel better already.

Bedding Update: Was outbid, raised bid a little higher. Item still has 3 days left and I will NOT raise my bid again. Am I just getting caught up in useless bedding mania? Yes.

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