Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 weeks!

And things are going really well! I actually get enough sleep which is awesome.. I just have to go to bed at 9 since it takes a good 12 hours in bed for me to get my 7 or 8 hours of sleep. He actually sleeps from about 10pm- 1:30 or 2 AM, then we breast feed, then sleeps again until 3 0r 4, again till 6 or 7, and again until 8 or 9. Not bad! He sleeps later than me! Then I put him in the swing for his morning nap (another 3 hours) while I have coffee and do my emailing and business calls. We will see how long this pattern lasts.

We had our 2 week check up yesterday and everything looks wonderful, he gained 12 ounces in 1 week so he is up to 8. 12 now! He also lost his little umbilical stump the other night so he can have a real bath.. actually the stump is MIA which I don't even want to think about. I guess it fell off when I was changing him in the dark? Eww.

Things can definitely be challenging. The main thing is being trapped in the house. DH is SO busy teaching his new class and with his band. He is doing such a great job and working SO hard, AND he still comes home and makes dinner ( a new thing!) and burps and changes the baby until his "shift" is over around 3AM. :)

There is a new mommy meet up today and I can definitely take him out now, I am just a little nervous about the logistics of the stairs, the bassinet, the stroller, the car seat.. Do I take the car? How do I get everything to the car and carry the baby? Do I just walk with the stroller? What if he starts screaming and I have to stop and find a stoop to sit on and awkwardly breast feed him on the sidewalk??! Not to mention it is getting COLD.. 60s all week. I have to get out before it gets REALLY cold! I am so afraid of this winter. :(

I am also dying to go to Babies R Us with my 30% off coupon, but how? Subway is out of the question. Drive and pray for parking? Not enough time to make it from the meters to the store and back in an hour.. Pay parking.. is the $35 for parking going to be equal or greater than the 30% I save on baby outfits? Hmmm...

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