Saturday, January 9, 2010

17 weeks old I think?

I must say, I totally lost track of how many weeks old Smoosh is somewhere around 10 weeks.. I prefer months, half months or "almost" months. Smoosh is almost 4 months old! He is getting cuter and sweeter and I love him more every single day. Not that it is getting easier, some days are harder and I miss when he was an infant and actually slept for hours of the day. I think we are in the throes of the "4 Month Wakeful" right now, but isn't it always something?
We have hit a difficult patch where I can't really leave him to play on his activity matt because he just rolls over, tries to crawl (scoot) and gets mad and freaks out. He is having none of the bouncer at all. The jumper is good for 10-20 minutes, longer if I watch him the whole time. The bumbo usually gets me enough time to make something in the kitchen, but he is now reaching for things, pickingup tupperware and throwing it and trying to get out of the seat!
So, we are back to the Moby to get things done around the house, but now he has to face outward to check everything out. He doesn't want to miss a thing!

Some wonderful news, my baby group has started doing a babysitting co op so I got to go to one of DHs shows the other night and have a free babysitter yayy!! Tonight we go over there and watch her baby. Unfortunately I got a little over excited and had the WORST hangover yesterday. I forgot I can't drink like I once did ugh. I had to stay in bed most of the day. I won't make that mistake again. I was too ill to do my "30 day shred" video. More on that later. ;)
Today I have a baby shower to go to. The problem is that she registered at and so I can't show up with a gift. How does that work? Maybe just bring a card and write that the gift is on it's way? Did everyone else buy their gifts, have it shipped to her, and she will bring them? I don't think so. Hmm.. :trots off to ask on the Baby Shower board at the Bump... :

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