Monday, March 15, 2010

6 months today!!

It's Smooshie's HALF-birthday! Woohoo!

Since I see how differently the babes in our playgroup are developing, I am not huge on the milestone touting thing.. BUT since I have failed to fill out the baby book, I guess this is the baby book.. SO here is what Smoosh is doing..

-Rolling both ways
-Sitting totally unassisted
-Rocking on hands and knees
-Scooting around, backward crawling, and somehow getting where he wants to go!
-Feeding himself veggies with his little spoon (very messy, but he gets it in there!)
-Picking up toys he wants, upset when I take something away
-Talking up a very LOUD storm! (Mamama Dadada Shriek!!)
-LOVES bathtime. We bathe together so he can go crazy with the kicking and splashing
-CRACKS himself up. This isn't really a milestone, but he is SO funny. He is super ticklish and we just all laugh so hard, he is such a little ham.
-Standing, he has been "standing" for quite awhile, now we only need to hold 1 of his hands, or he can hold on to something to stand by himself.
-Sleeping is better. He has slept through the night quite a few times, but still prefers to nurse once or twice. Not a big deal, but that will hopefully change when his own room is built. :)
-Eating is good, he loves EVERYTHING he has tried. Happily, he seems to like greens the most. Maybe he will have a sophisticated palette like his mommy. :)

I have to say, there was a bit of a rough patch there around 4-5 months but things are so amazing these days and we are just having such a great time treasuring every moment with our little Smoosh.