Monday, March 22, 2010

Parks and Recreation..

And a new look - for the blog. I just happened upon this and thought I could use a little make over around here. Never mind the squished heads over there on the side, I will fix that!

We had the most awesome weather EVER this weekend and spent Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday outside in various parks and walking all over. It was kind of a tour of NYC parks actually!

Wednesday I met some baby group friends at the East River PArk in Williamsburg/Greenpoint. It was so gorgeous being right on the water and not crowded since it was a weekday. Then DH met us and we walked to our 6 month dr appointment. Everything looks great. Smoosh though everything was hysterically funny - getting weighed, measured, poked, his ears checked, his tongue checked - all SO funny! I am somewhat relieved that he is now down to the 75th % in height and weight. The 97th was a little scary! I have to heave him up 3 flight of stairs for who knows how long and he is already 20 pounds!

Thursday I met more friends at McCarren park -gorgeous and so fun.

Friday we went to Clinton Hill to shoot our friends and their 2 month old. Now I know why no one does 2 month portraits. It's a pretty awkward age - lots of flailing and tongue thrusting. :{ I still got some good shots I think.. We went over to Fort Greene park which was just gorgeous with the huge old growth trees..

Saturday we went back to McCarren park for weekend meet up with the baby group + dads. We brought wine in Clean Kanteen bottles and lounged on blankets while the babes played and slept. DH brought his guitar and entertained the adoring fans - so cute!!

Sunday I decided to FINALLY take Smooshie on the subway into the city by myself, motivated by my 30% off Gap coupon. I didn't want to deal with stroller + stairs so I went with the Ergo. It was OK, but a bit exhausting. The F train wasn't running so I had to walk miles underground and up a million stairs. Smoosh didn't want to be in there anymore and was trying to escape - screeching and pushing away from me. We went to 34th street to the H&M with the kids department and got some cute things. Then DH called and was on his way to Central Park with his band, so he picked us up and we lounged at Central Park for a few hours while DH and his band filmed their new music video. :) Now the whole reason I went into the city was that GAP coupon, so I then made DH drive me around until we found one (Google maps is very unreliable) and I ran in and got some 6-12 month things which we desperately needed. All his PJs and onesies are stretching off his neck. I think he is kind of long waisted maybe?

Ahh now today we are off to Hope Depot and Lowes to get paint for Smoosh's nursery and doors for the new wall!

my shoot :)

my guys :)

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