Sunday, March 7, 2010

new toy, new tricks!

So, IKEA is the most amazing place ever. Especially the new shiny one in Red Hook, BK. Tons of parking, panoramic views of the statue of Liberty and the skyline. Fun playrooms, $1.99 for a plate of Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, loganberry sauce and cornbread?!! YUM!! And the cutest little wooden toys! We got Smoosh a wooden bead toy ($7), a little wooden push cart ($25) and some adorable bowls .. and a $1 cinnammin bun on the way out. :)

Of course, like everything else, this has to go into the mouth..

Speaking of into the mouth, we have been having so much fun making him little purees of whatever we are eating. He LOVES food - bug surprise. SO far we have done avocado, carrot/banana, zucchini/pear, cauliflour/cucumber..Beastie loves them all.

And last night, Smoosh was hanging out naked on a towel in the bathroom and got so excited about his bath that he got up on all fours and did a little crawl! Eek!

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