Saturday, March 6, 2010


It has been awhile, things got sort of turned upside down the last 2 weeks.. We had a wonderful time on St.Thomas. We celebrated Mema's 102 birthday on Wednesday night. The next morning she and Smoosh watched cartoons while I packed for the airport. I put Smoosh down for his nap and went to do some laundry and heard what sounded like Mema choking. I called 911, called my parents to come home.. within 15 minutes she had passed on, in my arms.. We all laughed at her birthday wish to "not live another year".. She made it clear that she though it was "disgusting" to have lived for so long, but it was still so unexpected. She was sweet, gracious, and quipping funny remarks up to end. Needless to say, I extended my trip a few more days. I still can't believe it, but I am so happy that we got to spend more time with her and that I was with her in the end..

I got back to NY on Sunday night (NIGHTMARE flight because of the blizzard over the weekend, stuck on the runway for hours, NO upgrade, Smoosh screaming..) Worked Monday. Got sick on Tuesday, in bed with fever for 2 days.. Feeling better now.

On to the good news.. Putting Smooshie in his own room worked wonders, he slept through the night the 2nd night and EVERY night we were there! It was amazing. I would go get him in the AM and he would be playing and smiling and so happy all day. Now we are desperately trying to make another real room for him here ASAP. SO far, it is a catastrophe of Ikea Billy bookcases. Better, but not soundproof and no door. Contractor coming to Tuesday to do an estimate.

It is beautiful today. Sunny and warm-ish (40s). I cannot WAIT for summer. I have been daydreaming about heirloom tomatoes and watermelon already!

More good news.. I somehow lost 8 pounds. Weird, maybe I should have held off on buying the fat jeans! ;)

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