Sunday, March 1, 2009

12 weeks baby

It has been a pretty good week, with a minor scare and still plenty of throwing up. I had my 2nd appointment on Thursday and the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat anywhere at all. I almost had a heart attack. I think that reading the forums is not really a good thing sometimes. I feel like I am preparing myself for the worst. When she couldn't find the heartbeat I just thought "And now it is happening to me." She asked if I had any spotting OR taken the Zofran (Hmm why did she ask that? Conspiracy theory kicks in. Thank God I didn't.) Luckily we were able to just trot over to the ultrasound room where she did a quick external and there it was! It moved around when she prodded my belly and I had her make sure the heartbeat was OK so she turned the sound on as well and printed out a pic for DH. He was still looking for parking so he missed the whole thing luckily. The appointment was so quick I called and told him to forget parking, pick me up and let's go get pizza!
The other news from the appointment was that I am still losing weight. I am down to 120 (I am 5'10") so I need to eat more. The doctor wasn't concerned, I am sure she is used to skinny NY women. I am eating as much as I can, but I am not about to sacrifice my and the baby's health by eating fast food full of chemicals and antibiotics. Not that anyone is suggesting that, I am just saying. The things I read that some of the women on the forums are eating.....This is a time when I am especially glad we don't have Drive Thru's everywhere.
My Dad sent me an email to help with the weight gain. He suggested bacon and butter sandwiches, beans and rice, and beer. Not sure if the beer part was a joke or not...

Yesterday we signed up for our CSA farm share for the summer. I am sooo excited. Fresh local fruits, veggies and flowers ALL summer! No grocery store! I have been daydreaming about the summer and going down to the park with dogs to pick up our produce every weekend, maybe stopping by the bread and cheese shop and eating heirloom tomatoes and watermelon. Then after the baby comes we can stroll it over there and enjoy the early fall, play in the park, pack the bugaboo with our fall produce - squash and pumpkin and kale...
Right next to the park there is this col cafe/ grocery called Urban Rustic. We stopped by yesterday for a sandwich and fresh juice. They use all local farms and it is so delicious. Right next store to that is the baby/ child hangout place of the neighborhood. I guess it has a play room and food and is just a place to hang out with your baby. I was checking out the moms and the strollers.. looking for new future friends! I think they have mom groups who meet there as well. :)
Wow, my entries are so long. How boring! Maybe I will try to post a few times a week instead!

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