Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Photoshoot!

This wasn't really planned, I was just taking some pictures of Smoosh at the table and I noticed the gorgeous morning light, so I pulled out a sheepskin and hung the shawl over the side of the sofa and got in there!

I realized that I have too many pictures of him in this random outfit, so I stripped him down..

Great light, funny expression!

He was mostly interested in pulling down the blanket and eating it, but we ended up with some cute shots that way!

And yes, he did end up peeing on the sheepskin at the end, but oh well!

There were some better shots but they had a little too much nudity going on so I didn't want to post them. Now pleasse let him stay asleep for a little while so I can get some of these into photoshop!

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Mitzi G.!! said...

they are beautiful!!