Thursday, January 28, 2010

new trick - sitting up!

Out of the blue, we went to play group on Tuesday (where most of the other babies are a few months older) and Smoosh decided to sit up by himself! I held his hand some and he toppled over a few tines, but he sat all day and all through music class as well - so funny. I thought he would go straight to standing since he hates bending his legs, but I guess he saw that sitting could be pretty fun too. Now he is going to much easier to photograph! I took these quickly on the bed yesterday afternoon - not quite enough light.

new trick #2: sucking toes -so funny!!

Awwe love his smile and his Buddha belly..

It is snow flurrying this morning. It is so pretty but I wish I didn't have to go move the car in it.

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Francis&Justin said...

he is soadorable! yay for sitting up!