Sunday, January 17, 2010

No Sleep Till Brooklyn..

or once in Brooklyn. Wow, so I am possibly as exhausted as I was the first week home. MAJOR regression in the sleep area. Actually I can't even call it regression because we have never had this problem before. Smooshie DOES NOT nap anymore. He doesn't fall asleep at all during the day except for maybe a few minutes after breast feeding. At night, we were down to two feedings(11 ish and 3 ish) that I barely remember since I would just feed him and slide him back into the co sleeper. Now it is so impossible to get him down at all, and then he proceeds to wake up at all hours screeching, talking, gurgling, thrashing around and wanting to play. I pulled the miracle blanket back out and stuffed him into that (he really doesn't fit at all) and got a few hours with him in his crib in the other room but he woke back up screaming. THEN the last week or so from about 4-7 AM he cries and has to be feeding at the boob constantly. He also seems to be especially gassy during this time and holds on to his feet and turns over and fusses.. what the hell is going on??

I ordered a LARGE swaddler so we will see if that helps. I am also going to read some sleep books I never really got around to reading before. Ugh. One one hand, Smooshie is the most fun and interesting and delightful he has ever been (and getting better and better), but on the other hand this is the most difficult time we have had so far. No sleep, no break, no more swing, no more playing with activity matt. Constant rolling over, shrieking, laughing, attention, attention attention!

First book on my list, No Cry Sleep Solution. I like the sound of at, as crying is not something we are interested in. Especially since we have no doors to close. Baby crying + open loft apartment = torture

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