Thursday, January 21, 2010

Furniture Lust

I thought that once I had the baby, my lusting over nursery furniture would be over, but no. Why would it? We have decided to split our open loft into two bedrooms- for a little, ahem, privacy -so Smoosh will finally have his own room. Right now we have a book case up as a divider, which looks beautiful but is certainly not much of a sound barrier. Anyway, since we might have actual walls someday, it makes me want to step up the baby's room a little - change the wall color maybe, add some more artwork.. And his clothes are certainly not all fitting in the 3 drawers of the changing table for long.

And so I stumbled upon the new line from Argington (of which we have the Delphi crib and changing table) and this gorgeous new dresser!

It is a new collection, but the color is the same so I think it would fit in perfectly. I love that it is a little more organic looking and would transfer well into any room or work as a dresser in Smooshie's room pretty much forever. And of course the fact that it is eco friendly and non toxic is huge.

I have a few months before my Daddy is coming to do the construction (have to love a contractor dad) so I have plenty of time to obsess and plan :)

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