Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time to break out the "real" camera...

I have been so inspired by the beautiful photos I have seen of babies and kids lately. I am embarrassed to admit that I actually majored in Photography in college, but I am have been pretty pathetic at really keeping up with it. I mean, I shoot ALL the time for work and for fun but pretty much just with my wonderful Canon G9 - an AMAZING point and shoot. I am especially pathetic with my photoshop skills, but come on- I graduated over 10 years ago- we didn't even have digital photography then! I DO however have a Canon Mark II, not the newest model but still a pretty hard core professional digital SLR that I have yet to even take a single photo of the baby with. So today I broke it out. I didn't try very hard, just took a few shots on the bed. I am charging up the batteries and getting ready to do more very soon. Smoosh is also becoming less of a slug and therefore more fun to take pictures of. :)

I thought there was something nice about this photo. I messed with it a little bit in PS.. that was fun. More to come soon!

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