Sunday, January 24, 2010


Smooshie is practicing eating, and I am practicing my photo skills! We put together the gorgeous Svan high chair the other day so Smoosh could sit with us at meals. Then I decided to go ahead and give him some utensils to practice with... I think he is getting the idea! It is really cute, he totally mimics us eating (although not always with the right end of the spoon in his mouth). It is so exciting that he will be eating real food soon, but I definitely don't want to jump the gun. My mom, Mrs. La Leche League, is totally adamant about waiting the full 6 months. I have to agree, I haven't seen any evidence for starting sooner so why risk the allergies and complications just in case his little tummy isn't ready? Plus, breast milk is totally convenient and totally free.

Photography - wise, I am thinking about watermarks.. I hate how they look but I do want to protect photos of my little guy. With my fashion photos, I would NEVER put a watermark. It screams "cheesy internet photographer" and no professional fashion photog would ever use one, but with kids it seems a little different. Advice anyone? For now, I am trying a little copyright text at the bottom, but it doesn't look very cute. Hmm


A Baby Peach said...

Cuteness! Our Svan is supposed to arrive Tuesday and I'm excited to have Lucas practice, too. We aren't starting until 6 mo either (possibly later, I'm not looking forward to the diaper issue with solids!)
Did you get the cushion for it or no? I couldn't tell if they really needed it or not, but I ordered it anyway...

islandsinthestream said...

I don't have the cushion yet, but I am going to get it. It seems fine without, but when they start spending more time in it I think it will be nice to have. Plus, it matches our sage Svan bouncer ;) It is SUCH a nice chair, I am so glad we got it.