Monday, June 1, 2009

25 weeks, yesterday. :)

So, my laptop died and is down at the mac shop waiting on available funds before I can pick it up. Just what I don't need right now! The logic board died and the apple care warranty had just ended... this always seems to happen, very suspicious. I have my old macbook that works for emailing thankfully, but it is so slow it can't even load a website so I have to use DHs computer when he isn't around. Also no photoshop. Makes work very difficult. :(
In other news, we had a really nice week and weekend. MIL was in town for a few days so we had a delicious dinner with her on Thursday, then Friday she was a speaker at the NY Book Expo, so we got passes and got to go try to get free books! We were only there for a few hours but we were able to get 2 kids books and 3 or 4 new fiction books for me. Next time I am going to look at the schedule and figure out when all the books signings are so I can get really get some good stuff!
On Saturday we met up with our friends who had a baby last summer. We have been super flaky friends and haven't even seen them since the baby was born, but I am hoping we will see them more now. We hung out in the park and got lots of good advice. It was kind of embarrassing, our dogs were actually 10 x more difficult than the baby. Not to mention our Yorkie seems to pretty much hate children so he is really going to be having a rude awakening in a few months.
Sunday was our SCA farm trip out to the Garden of Eden farm on the north fork of Long Island. DH couldn't go, so I volunteered as a carpool driver as a desperate attempt to make friends and not stay home by myself all day. The trip was OK, I drove a very annoying holistic health counselor from Argentina who talked and cracked herself up the entire drive, and a couple who didn't really talk much - to each other or anyone else (Maybe they were in a fight?). When we got to the farm, there were 2 groups. We could go with the husband on a LONG walk around the entire farm, or a short tour with the wife and kids. My lazy self wanted to go on the short tour, but that group was made up of about 15 screaming kids and their parents. After a few minutes I decided I will be in the screaming kids group for the next 10-15 years so I might as well suck it up and get some exercise. The farm was really beautiful. We played with the chickens, saw all the crops, the forrest, learned about how they farm and walked about 2 miles. Then we had lunch that we had packed and people brought things to share. I tried some beet brownies and rhubarb bread pudding- yum! The drive back was exhausting, 2 hours plus traffic. The couple slept and the girl talked about her ex, which at least kept me from falling asleep. Remind me not to volunteer to drive strangers around again when 6 months pregnant. When I got home, I was so tired I could barely talk. I don't think I even had dinner.

Well, on to a new week. Week 26! DR appointment on Wednesday and my BFF comes in to town on Friday!

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