Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birth Class Disaster

Monday night was supposed to be our first Birth Class at Real Birth, one of the best known places in NYC. They offer classes all over the city and I know they fill up fast, so I signed us up MONTHS ago for the downtown location. DH got off work, we went early, paid for parking, got a snack, showed up and no one was there. The receptionist had it on her schedule so we waited.. Finally we called Real Birth and it turns out the class location had been changed to their Mid Town store and we were somehow not notified. So, back to the car and into rush hour traffic to "mid town" -since when is 50th and 9th ave mid town anyway, isn't that Hell's Kitchen? SO far away and I hate that neighborhood. We had to come into class an hour late. I was really looking forward to meeting couples in our area, that was half the point, so this is just not going to work for us. I was able to cancel, but now we are back to the drawing board and running out of time to complete a class. :(

Anyway, on a happier note here is the Uppa Baby and my 36 week belly!

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Dani said...

your pups are just plain ol' darling!!!!! my goodness.