Monday, June 22, 2009

28 weeks 1 day.. Manic Sunday

Yesterday was another new low, I totally went crazy. I have never felt so crazy in my life, it was like PMS x 1000. Ugh. It was brought on by a busy day of cleaning and getting ready for FIL to come into town for Father's Day dinner, then the shock of checking our pathetic bank account (how are we even going to buy groceries?), DH sleeping until 1PM which makes me crazy, feeling like a beached whale, and just being totally overwhelmed by hormones. I spent 15 minutes trying to pick out steaks, which then upset DH and it all went downhill from there.. Luckily we were able to recover just in time to make it over to our friends' son's 1st birthday party, then zip back to meet FIL. He and DH went out for wine and a few last minute things (like steak, since that never happened) and I was able to straighten up and put together a yummy dinner. Seared steak, yummy mashed potatoes, farm fresh sauteed spinach and a fresh mesclun salad with goat cheese. And for dessert.. the most amazing rhubarb and strawberry crisp with vanilla ice cream. Dinner was really nice and FIL brought us the most adorable fleece cowboy outfit! It is SO cute!

I am feeling good now, even getting through the most confusing IRS paperwork ever, that I just found out I need to have so that I can get paid what I am owed from some foreign clients without 30% being taken for taxes. Fun!

We have an OB appointment on Wednesday and a super busy week ahead.. but not too busy to blog I am sure!

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