Saturday, June 6, 2009

99 days until EDD!

Wow, I am almost in the 3rd trimester. We will have an itsy baby in a few months! The kicking has now become more of a rolling and flipping and my whole stomach moves and ripples when the baby moves. It is very strange, I kind of feel like there is a giant fish in my belly.
I got my results from the OB and I passed the glucose test, but I am a little anemic so I need to up the iron a bit. This is not really surprising since I have been eating mostly pasta and cheese the last few weeks. Oops. The farm share starts next weekend so hopefully there will be some dark leafy greens, I don't want to take supplements. Mom says spinach and almonds will do the trick, yum.
DH had a show the other night and I got so many comments on how great I look, 2 different women I didn't know came up to me and told me they hope they look just like me when they get pregnant! That made me feel good, I was feeling a bit weird in the midst of the hipster crowd. I will feel totally normal and cute, then I catch a glimpse of my reflection somewhere and I just can't believe that is me.
I saw that MIL had purchased our stroller off our registry last week, so I have been waiting patiently for it every day. As we rushed out the door to the show, there was a huge box downstairs. The stroller came and they didn't even ring the buzzer to tell me! Ugh! I hate our delivery people! At least it didn't go straight to the Post Office of Death where I would have to wait and hour in line to get it. Anyway, DH dragged it upstairs and we put it together when we got home at about 2AM. I was so tired but couldn't wait to play with it! we rolled the dogs around for awhile, they were fascinated.
Today is my mommy-to-be neighborhood meet up, I really hope to meet some people I like.

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