Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hate=Glucose Drink, Love=Luca Glider

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I had to do the dreaded glucose test. This involves drinking a bottle of disgusting lemon-lime flavored sugar water, within 5 minutes, 30 minutes before appointment. The timing is critical. So, since it takes about 45 minutes to get to the OB, I had to bring the drink along with me (10 minute walk to subway) and chug it on the train. Well, the 5 minutes thing was not going to happen. I really don't like sugary sweets, and this drink reminded me of the dyed sugar water my grandmother would put in her bird feeders (yes, I tasted it- we didn't have a lot of sugar around the house so I was often desperate). I hate the subway, it was hot, crowded, and no one offered me a seat. One transfer and about 20 minutes and I was able to finish it without throwing up, but just barely. Uggghh...
This was our first visit rotating doctors, so we got to meet someone new. She was a little older and just wonderful. So far I would be happy with anyone in the practice delivering the baby. I had my fundal height measured (right on track)and my weight taken and I am up 18 pounds total - eeek!! She says this is good since I started out so thin and should gain around 35 pounds total. It is just so weird to step on the scale and see a number almost 20 pounds higher than it has ever been. I mean, I look like I am wearing a tent or have a basketball in my shirt so I don't know what I was expecting, but it was still a shock.

After the appointment, DH and I decided to walk around Soho for awhile. I do miss my old neighborhood sometimes. We went by uber trendy modern baby headquarters, Giggle, to look around. Most of the stuff at Giggle is too modern for my taste, but then we set out eyes on the Luca glider...

So comfortable! So cute! Small enough to fit in the bedroom, and totally transitional! DH admitted, "wow the only glider I have seen that isn't troshe". Well said.
Price: $945 plus shipping... Hmm.. Clearly not an option RIGHT now, but our fortunes may change by the end of the summer. Such is life as a freelancer and a musician.

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