Sunday, June 28, 2009

29 weeks

And summer has finally arrived! It is actually HOT today! Apparently it has rained 24 of the last 27 days of June here in NYC! Although some of the days have been beautiful until the late afternoon, then hit by a freak thunderstorm like yesterday and the day before. I am just happy we haven't had to use the AC too much yet because I know I will really need it in July and August. This week was pretty crazy. FIL was in town for work, then stayed a few extra days with us to see DH's show on Thursday night. It was great hanging out with him, but it is difficult having a guest at all in our tiny apartment.
Yesterday was my 2nd mommy-to-be neighborhood meet up which was really fun. I am excited about the new friends I will (hopefully) be making in the fall and having play dates and classes to go to. After talking with the other moms, I see that I really need to read up on the vaccination controversy. People are pretty intense about it around here and I just don't know enough about it at all. One of the girls actually refused her Rhogam shot (which I had this week) because of a risk of autism. Creeps! That scared me! There is another shot they give the baby at the hospital unless you tell them you don't want it.. I guess we need to figure this all out asap.
My OB appointment Wednesday was good, I had the shot in my butt and we met another Doctor, Dr.White. She was a bit more abrasive, but we liked her as well. I just want to be sure DH likes all the doctors, he will have to deal with her at the birth (possibly even more than I will since I will be writhing in pain and/or out of it on drugs) and I really want him to like and trust whoever we end up with at delivery.
At the show the other night, one of my friends asked if the baby is lying sideways and I think he must be. I always feel the big kicks way over on my side. Maybe that is why I am looking so massive? I wish the baby would make himself into a cute little round bump, instead of a giant lopsided pulsating mound.
Good news about the shower, my mom was able to confirm a reservation for an apartment sublet 1 block from us for the week of the shower. She, my sister, my MIL and my SIL will stay there and we can have the shower there. It is a beautiful historic townhouse with a huge back yard with tons of chairs. I am SO relived that we don't have to have it here. I love my mommy.
Today DH is having band practice here - ugh. Our upstairs neighbors are out of town and I am plant-sitting for them, so maybe I will escape and lay out on their roof deck while the band is here. That sounds nice. :)

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The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. :)