Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1 Week Old

I can't believe that my little man is a week old today. In some ways it has gone by so quickly, yet at the same time I feel like I have had him forever, I can't imagine what it was like not having him. I am so completely enamored by him and I just can't get enough of watching his sweet little face and all the expressions he makes. When I see him make an expression that looks like DH, I am so overcome with love. It is overwhelming. I think severe lack of sleep has also affected me and some hysteria has set in.

Due to the craziest week ever, I only got around 3-4 hours of sleep a night for the last 7 days so I was pretty much losing it. I got no sleep in the hospital, then DH had to go play a show over the weekend, my mom was here but I just couldn't make myself nap or rest ( I am NOT a napper) and as soon as I finally would fall asleep, the baby would be up and need to be fed. I am a slave to the breast and it is exhausting. Now DH is home and I think we will be able to fall into a good pattern. LAst night he was able to make me go to sleep and keep LO occupied for about 4 hours while I caught up. Then nursing for about an hour, getting him back to sleep, then another 3 hours of sleep, although not the most restful. Now I am up and had my coffee.. and he is asleep again. I can't go back to sleep now, so this will be work time. :)

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