Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nursery Pics!

Well, it's not totally done but this is close enough! We still need to put up the canopy and get the rocker. We have our eye on a Mission rocker at the antique store, we will see...

The crib and changing table are Argington Sahara, the bedding is Dwell Charlotte.

I found the book shelf on Ebay (PERFECT fit for the tiny space, and we have a lot of other cottage white antiques in the room).

The red swords hanging from the hook were brought back from Japan by my ILs - they are soft cotton and they squeak!

Some of the stuffed animals are a little strange, but a gift is a gift, right? :)

The baby scale was the first thing we bought for the baby, we got it at a flea market up in the Catskills at least a year before we started TTC. It was just too cute and it has been waiting in the closet until now.

In other news, I had my 38 week OB appointment today and my cervix is "low" and fingertip dilated. Hmm. Kind of anticlimactic after all the crampiness I have been having, but still good news.

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