Sunday, September 13, 2009

40 Weeks

Annnd I am still here.

Night before last I was having cramping, bleeding, and what I thought was my water breaking so the OB had us come in to L&D. 6 hours of some very uncomfortable time in Triage, a mean nurse, tons of monitoring and no amniotic fluid. Very easy to get in to the hospital, VERY difficult to leave. We would be dressed and out the door.. not so fast, another 20 minutes on the monitor. FOr no reason. Everything is perfect, the baby just isn't coming out today. Just protocol, back on the monitor. We got home around 6:30 AM, I had contractions all day yesterday and last night but still nothing.

Apparently I am in early labor, which usually means labor starts within 24 hours, but mine seems to be lasting considerably longer.

One problem with all this is that it is making me considerable MORE terrified of the pain of giving birth. The contractions are already SO painful, I am constant fear of the next one. If it had come on suddenly, like in the movies, I feel like I would be so surprised, rush off to the hospital, and do what I have to do. Days and days of pain with only a vague end in sight is truly torturous.

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