Saturday, September 19, 2009

Birth Story! He is here!!!

My Birth Story!

Mason Edward was born on September 15th at 2:50 AM, 7lb 10 oz.

Sunday was my EDD and on Monday I was due for my 40 week OB appointment. My Dad came into town in the morning so we walked around Brooklyn and got bagels, came back to the apartment and had breakfast with DH and we all went to doctor.

We had a quick U/S and everything looked great, then they put me on the monitors for awhile. They saw how strong my contractions were and noticed that the HB was going off the chart during them, so they said we should go straight to the hospital to be admitted! I was so happy!

I got into a nice L&D room and got my epidural and started pitocin. I had been planning on trying natural, but my contractions weren't regulating and some of them were so painful, I had decided earlier in the week that maybe the epidural was better for me after all. After less than an hour on pitocin, the HB started to drop a little so they decided to turn it off and give the baby a break. I was worried that things would slow down and get complicated, but my contrax got stronger and more regular on their own. I guess they just needed a little kick start- next time they checked I was at 7!

DH and I played music and talked, I slept a little bit.. next time they checked I was at 10 with just a lip of cervix! They said to let them know when I felt like pushing. I think I fell back asleep, DH was reading, and some other doctors came in and said it was time to push! My OB came back, I don't know who those other people were.

I didn't really feel like pushing, but I was able to feel what I needed to do. We did pushes though about 4 or 5 contractions, and he was out! It was such a calm, amazing, and even peaceful experience. I can't even describe it. There was some pain when he was crowning, but I just pushed through it and tried not to psych myself out.

He had the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times, which is why he had been dropping off the monitors but he was totally fine, 9/9 on his Apgars.. So beautiful.

I only had one tiny tear with 1 stitch so recovery has been good!

The worst part was spending the night in the hospital. I had a horrible small shared room and DH had to go home. I didn't want the baby to go to the nursery, and it was really hard being by myself with him all night, with no sleep. The nurse that night was mean and not very helpful. Luckily, my OB said everything looked great and we could get an early discharge. We got home Wednesday evening and everything is absolutely amazing.

He has been nursing non stop, which is painful but very fulfilling. He is such a sweet little angel, I love him so so much!